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9-10.12.17 - 24h à Rennes 🚆☺️
Quand tu es invitée à une soirée étudiante, tu profites de faire une petite balade le lendemain au centre de #rennes même avec juste 1h de sommeil 🤗
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This past year has brought a lot of changes to my life. Many happy moments, new achievements, heartache and disappointment that I'm still dealing with, processing some backstabbing from ones I trusted; I have learnt that I cannot stop trusting, and believing in, people because it goes against my nature. So, I'm learning to deal with how to process it when it happens.
I have started to learn to put myself first (tough one to keep remembering and implementing!) - and am trying to learn that "'No' is a complete sentence."
I did my first complete freestanding headstand - this was major for me! 🙌
I completed teacher training in 2 different styles of yoga, which I am now teaching. 🤸🏼‍♀️ I have started completely afresh, from scratch.
Through everything Nulu- my heart and best friend, has always been there for cuddles and loving. 🐶💞
I have made amazing new friends, laughed a lot, cried some, learnt arm balances, discovered my body anew, developed a better relationship with food, drove on snow and curb-crawled in 4WD - LIKE A BOSS! 👌, and genuinely enjoyed the journey to this moment - as much possible IN this moment.
I am very grateful for every moment, every person and every experience. I am also very excited about 2018, the new experiences and people I have to come across.
Let's live our lives EVERY DAY like the ADVENTURE that it is.
I Love You. 💟
Thank you for being you and blessing my life.
Here's to a fantastic 2017! 🥂
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By Jennifer Maraist (@triumph_fitness)

Have you reflected this morning on how blessed you are? Try this, right now write down 20 things your grateful for... ready, set, go!
Challenge yourself to not stop until your done ✅