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K so most y’all..two of y’all wanted to hear the paranormal stories, and some of my sleep paralysis stories so ima give your u them

1. When I was younger (ages: 3-5) I would get bloody noses quite often. Once when I had one so bad I was scared to sleep, when I finally did and woke up my door was open(I had it closed) and my room at the time was across from the computer room which had pictures. Well, I saw my kindergarten teacher taking picture boxes as if they were hers and she was crying. I got up from my bed and calls for her. She stared at me then disappeared. A few years later her husband was killed..idk if her crying had anything to do with that but it’s chilling to think about today.

2. When I moved into my current house I’m in (age I think 5-7) I would have these odd occurrences at seemingly 3am. One night I heard this scratching/ rumbling noise but like i was asleep and I couldn’t move. I felt aware that I was awake but I swear to god I was asleep. It felt as if something or someone was in my house. Every time I tried to move I couldn’t, like a force was put on me. When I finally could move I ran out of my sisters room and went to the railing of the stairs and I SWEAR TO GOD YOU GUYS I SAW SOMETHING RUN DOWN THE SMALLER STAIRCASE. (Look at the video of my dog so you get the idea of the smaller stairs)

3.(probably my most scariest one, but it’s shorter) have you ever had your foot or hand fall asleep? Yea my whole bOdy had that feeling when I was asleep. I was asleep then I slowly woke up (with my body having that weird asleep feel) and something was tossing me across my bed or something else, to something else and so on. I had no control over myself so I couldn’t move but their were also these voices talking which was scary as HELL. After I gained control over myself I ran out of my room and the voices were still in my head and my body was slowly getting rid of the sleep affect.
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i made this awhile ago but i never posted it. trying to be more active on here :)but they are so cute together

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Okay this is my first video (with transitions ) in svp I am so proud 💞

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I forgot to post this! 😂😂😂 anyway this is an collab w/ @lowkeywheeler
First part: meeee
Second part:@lowkeywheeler
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buh questa foto non mi convince non so perché
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