💕Ash Hébert 💕 (@ashh_hebert23)

We were a song
A verse and a chorus
A beat and a melody
We were music sheets of beauty
We fit together like a puzzle
You an edge and I the middle
Even when we got into a fuzzle
We'd click together like a cuddle
We were a book
A sharp spine with soft pages
Full of love, laughter and memories
Pages of stories written by us truly
We were beautiful
Romeo and Juliet
Bonnie and Clyde
We were truly plentiful
But I ran out of lyrics
I lost the pieces to the puzzle
I ripped up the ending
And In the end, they were both found dead
We were beautiful
We were perfect
Now all that's left is the rubble
Of a story only we will read
A song only we will hear
And a everlasting love only we would have lived.
A beautiful tragedy -A.H

Scarlett Hellion (@scarletthellionofficial)

Finished the sewing. A little bit of touch ups on the paint and it's done!

Team Warehouse Body Mechanics. (@twbm)

Life of a sparring partner bro need work for his fight coming up. Since i was suppose to fight today and shit was cancelled. I gave him work my shin guard shifted when i threw a low leg kick round 7 and straight shin to knee bone to bone full power lol. Its whatever im in the Uber ill be iight im sparring boxing tomorrow lol. Im going ro work until im respected in this game as a teacher. Im glad i was able to spar in front of Mother of Pitbulls @mbelle_22 and show how to capitalize on mistakes also show i can teach while carrying a fighter in sparring. #bonetobone #kickboxing #boxing #showandprove #amatuer #fun #injuries #schoolofhardknocks #keepworking

Kirstie Morrison (@kirstiecherie)

Tiny Terrariums! Here are a couple of things you need to know to keep your succulents alive! ☀️1. They need to be kept in a warm sunny spot most of the day but not out in the blistering summer sun all day. Succulents are arid plants that are designed to store water in the leaves to weather out periods of no rain. But they will do best in a place that has both sunlight and shade.
💦2. Succulents need watering but not to much! Glass Terrarium's like these do not have holes to drain the water out of. The 2 bottom layers consist of sand and pebbles to help water drain away from the roots. Succulents hate their roots sitting in water all the time hence a lot of people killing their terrariums by overwatering. A little drizzle will do fine once a week as long as the soil looks dry first. 🌱3. The succulents will grow out of their terrarium eventually but they can be propagated. This means chopping the head off and replanting or pulling a leaf off and sitting it on some soil. It will sprout a root system and more leaves. Happy succulenting!! #succulent #succulents #care #gardening #amatuer #australia #terrarium