Shelley Van Clief (@shelley31656)

Best husband and daughter! Surprise bday party! #amazingfriends&family

🌸 A cozy dolls room 🌸 (@a_cozy_dolls_room)

Every year, perfectly in time with my birthday, our peach tree starts to bloom 🌸 this time he seems to have a late start, so for now there are few flowers, but I can't wait to take some photos of one of my birthday's gift!
My friends spent with me all my week end birthday, chatting and eating in one of our favourite brunch place, testing a new lovely tea room, and they gave to me some amazing gifts 😍
The one that travelled the most is the @the.kittyears one: that lovely, crazy, amazing girl bought to me a PINK FER! I don't know how she could find it, but it's perfect and I love it 😍
I couldn't be more happy to have you as friend, dear! 💖

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camilaturista (@camilaturista)

Day 13, 14, 15: i am a strong independent argentinian woman. But girl, if you need help, just ask for it.
I am not used to asking for help, i do not let others take care of me, i do everything i can on my own and if someone helps without asking, i get a little pissed off.
The last few days where a kick in the nuts to that kind of attitude. Walking at night, crossing the chaotic steet, having a suicidal phone that just decided to die and leave me disconnected in freakin cairo, and of course, ending up sick because my body always knows when to slow me the fuck down.
During this days, i was helped, accompanied, supported and even pushed up the stairs by amazing people. And it felt good to lower the independent flag for a while. I learned that if anything happens i will always have people willing to help me. Family don’t worry, people have my back. And it feels awesome. Thanks everyone! #StrongIndependentArgentinianWoman with #AmazingFriends
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Angela (@blest.byeachday)

A year ago today at approximately 4:45 pm my #beautiful #daughter #jamie was horribly taken from us. There are days it seems like it was a few weeks ago and then there are days that it feels like it was forever ago, But every day it seems unreal. I am now able to make it through a whole day without falling apart. Hard to understand I'm sure, but harder to explain. I thank you all for the love, support and fabulous ideas on how to help heal. Sending you each extra #love today. #support #encouragement #amazingfriends #friend #loss #angel #angels #heaven