Erica M (@whiskeyknits)

This sweet girl is the love of my life! No better place than on the couch with her smiling face. Tom's ok too! #amazinggracie

imogen molly 🌍☀️🌿 (@imogenfin)

if you know aboyne, you'll know the black faced sheep - my favourite café here from before i can remember (and when we were v teeny tiny @carapacitti & i used to leave messages for each other in the visitors book AWWW) BUT now there is a new kid on the block!! sorry BFS, you have been usurped - i'm head over heels with @spideronabicycle 😍 this was the most delicious gooey vegan rhubarb cake & an absolutely fab off-menu oat milk iced chai latte with a shot of syrup to sweeten to taste!! mum was mega impressed with her long black ("hot milk on the side") & carrot ginger cake, i rly rly rly hope this place thrives. if you're in the area, COME HERE IT IS AMAZING and dog-friendly for our little #amazinggracie (mac too but he would just eat all the food). #amazingdecor #amazingdrinks #amazingbaking #amazingstaff #amazingname #amazinginstagramlighting #amazingvibes

Erica M (@whiskeyknits)

I've got hair. Tom's got 10 days of sobriety under his belt and Gracie's got bad breath. We've all got something! #tomerica #amazinggracie

Erica M (@whiskeyknits)

This Tom-Gracie grooming session is the cutest thing ever. She saw the brush in his hand and walked right over to sit with him. She loves getting brushed. #amazinggracie

Patrick Donovan (@patrickd41)

Thanks Sam & Dave for letting us be part of a great team for a great cause and to all those who donated to help #fightcf. #amazinggracie

Moni (@fingertip_gallery)

Ich hab mal wieder lackgepinselt! Ich habe doch tatsächlich geschafft, den bisher unlackierten #amazinggracie von #ciate auf die Finger zu bekommen. Oben drauf bekam er etwas Gekrakel mit den Minifläschchen von Primark.
Ach ja, auf meinem Blog (link im Profil) gibts ein bissel mehr drüber .

#nailart #nails #nailpolish #shortnails #nagellack #primarkbeauty #nailstagram #instanails #notd #💅

Yishen Chen (@nehsiy)

She's not a regular mom, she's a Cool Mom. Or Cookie Monster. #amazinggracie

Erica M (@whiskeyknits)

I told you she was particular about her blanket! Look at that tail. I swear it never stops wagging! #amazinggracie