Franco PJ (@franco_pj)

If they say a picture can capture a thousand words, this is it. The man that taught me the word "respect" on so many levels. I was beyond blessed to have him for 43 years of my life. A man amongst men, a soldier, a father, a grandfather but most of all he oozed class and demanded that his family respect one another, despite what ever differences there was. He was the glue, the patriarch and above all the most amazing human being ever to touch me, school me and LOVE me on a scale that is immeasurable! So when I look around today and see people with no respect, I sit back and reflect on all the things he taught me. This is a picture of me playing Italian cards with him. Look at the seriousness in this man, so when people ask me why you always look so serious? This is why! He was serious but he would die for his family and his friends and had a heart that was bigger then life itself. That's who I portray my life after. He also had another side that I have, fuck him over or disrespect him, you would pay the price. He was my Nonno he raised me since I was a little boy and the memories that have been etched in my mind will be bestowed in me as screenplays during any challenge I face. #AmazingMan

I'm Mali. πŸ‘‹β˜ΊοΈ (@musicmallers)

❀️ "I believe in us" ❀️
Thank you for everything you do for me, and for us. You're my favorite. 😘
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Gaming with my loving man love have our time together #lovingmanπŸ’™ #amazingman #funtimetogether @rhy_coke420

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This man just blew my mind 😍
He has a great voice, looks and character. Alex every girl's dream , isn't it? πŸ˜„πŸ˜ #AlexTurner #ArcticMonkeys #TLSP #amazingman