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Don’t forget to help support/cure Sister Lymphoma by donating to our Go Fund Me page
go fund me.com/sisterburk
The web address is in my our bio
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✨Rise N' Grind Nomads ✨ (@risengrindnomads)

It can be very easy at times to fall into a rut and get in the habit of having just average days where we seem to not get much of anything done.
✔️Loosen your grip.
Sometimes you’ve got to relax and let life happen without incessant worry and micromanagement. ✔️Focus forward.
You can’t go back to how things were, or how you thought they were supposed to be. All you really have is now. The smartest thing you can control in life is your reaction to what’s beyond your control. ✔️Spend an hour working on something that moves you. ✔️Try something totally new.
Step out of your comfort zone and try something totally new. What have you wondered about doing, but haven’t had the courage or time to try?

And a great secret to have an AMAZING DAY: ✔️Help someone smile.
There is no exercise better for the improvement of our world than reaching down on a daily basis to lift someone up. Don’t wait for people to smile. Show them how! Do something nice for someone who has no way of paying you back. Do it because you can, and because it makes the world a happier place.!

Travels With Katelyn (@katelynslifestylex)

When you have your passion, you never even think about other things. It’s tunnel vision! You go until you get it. 🔥
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