Romina (@_romina_76_)

Treated mamma to a pre show dinner #lastrada #amazingshow #mammasbirthday

brandon a (@moonchild51792)

i know its not thursday or friday, but i dont give a fuck so im posting a throwback anyways. this is necrobutcher and atilla of @thetruemayhem performing in toronto last month, performing de mysteriis dom sathanas in its ENTIRETY!!! was a dream come true to see this!!! what an amazing show!!! would definantly love to see them do this again! was an excellent concert, fun times with some great friends, and one hell of a way to celebrate a saturday night! also, im not satanic or i dont worship the devil, i love the band and the music itself, and they are a group of very talented, underrated REAL musicians. so once again, thank you to @thetruemayhem for coming, hope to see you come back soon, and thank you @inertia_noel for making it happen. #mayhem #demysteriisdomsathanas #phoenixtheatre #thepastisalive #atilla #necrobutcher #toronto #inertialive #amazingshow #talented #freezingmoon #norwegianblackmetal