DrAnh_femaleplasticsurgeon (@dranh_femaleplasticsurgeon)

🌟Blessed🌟 to have met this incredible inspirational woman @oprah who touched my life as she has done for so many from her story from so much adversity to make it to the top and continue to pay it forward. She touched my life when I was struggling through medical school and feeling low, worthless, useless, hopeless, full of pessimism and consumed with negative thoughts and just by chance when I turned on the tv, there she was communicating her message to never give up, to change your mindset and take responsibility for your own destiny and happiness and have courage. That was a tipping point in my life because it gave me hope and encouraged me to dig deep and keep going. I was blessed to meet her and remember being speechless and overcome with emotion so she broke the ice and commented about my choice of footwear - we were both wearing flit flops. Listening to her share her story has inspired me further to keep going with my dreams and to continue helping others and paying it forward. #grateful #amazingwoman #inspiration #wonderwoman #oprah #myhero #payitforward #dranh #perth #telstrabizwomen

Jed Rhine (@lulabrojed)

Happy early anniversary to this beautiful lady! Seriously she should get an award for all the stuff she puts up with! Love you boo boo cheekyies!!! 7 years yo!!!

Hartville Collectibles (@hartvillecollectibles)

What an honor it was having Barbara Bradley here today at the Hartville Collectibles to share her stories and sign her book. Here are a few of the pictures from today’s event.

1000+FreeWorkouts (@teamidolfit)

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This is my new favorite hobby by far!! Anyone who wants to come with me lmk 💥💥💥 #heloisaalves #MMA #WayBetterThanAWorkout #SelfDefense

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Part of my “Holy Grail” collection ~ What’s an album (or 2 or 3) in your Top 10 “must-have” collection?
💎🎙️ Mary J. Blige ~ What’s the 411? 🎙️💎
#MaryJBlige #MJB #GrandPuba #NYC #1992 #soul #hiphop #rap R&B #multiplatinum #songstress #diva #amazingwoman #beautifulvoice #holygrailalbum #vinylmeth #vinylinjection #vinyladdict #vinyljunkie #vinylnarcan #vinylcommunity #vinylcollection #vinylgoodness ♠️#K11

Jessi Pingel Riesenberg (@pingenberg)

Today was the birthday of this #amazingwoman She is strong and kind and one of my closest friends. I look up to her and I learn from her all the time. I’m so blessed she was put into my life. All my love Lauren!

1000+FreeWorkouts (@teamidolfit)

Follow @rivkayoga #amazingwoman ✨ the more you over think
the less you understand ✨Pt 1 of 2 from this
morning playin around 😽
Not much to say besides sharing a little reminder to not over think things 🍁 ♥️ song is Goodbye Forever by Evenings •

Fredric Alerstam (@fredric.alerstam)

And the winner from Forever Living in the Direct Sales Award in Sweden is Johanna Warme!
Congratulations, so well deserved😃 #foreverproud #amazingwoman