Anna Brix Thomsen (@annabrixthomsen)

It was a birthday that came and went without much fanfare. Your party got canceled cause your mom got sick. Then your mom and dad had a fight in the morning, (and resolved it later). You didn't get any cake (not that we were planning on giving you one). The thing you liked best about the only gift you got, was the paper and the ribbon (which was to be expected). It's now 5 minutes to midnight and only now I get to sit down and tell you happy birthday. You are sleeping beside me, your breath a constant comfort next to me every night. I gave birth to you a year ago today. That wasn't a success either. But out you finally came, and you, you you are one of the best things that's ever happened to me. You brighten up my day, every day. Even when I'm sick, or you're sick. You embrace me with every fiber of your being and it humbles me. You learn, and learn and learn, and I learn so much from you every single day. You have an iron will to be independent, a wonderful sense of humor and an acute sense of perception - and I'm lucky to know you. Thank you for coming through me. I can't wait to keep waking up with you, and exploring life with you. Happy birthday sweet girl. ❤️🇩🇰🎂😘

Marissa Sieg Fitness (@marissasieg)

I was one of those girls that LOVED being pregnant. Morning sickness was a rarity, I felt more confident than I ever had before & after the first month I had so much energy I literally tore the nursery apart, drug my old twin mattress/box spring down our winding stairs by myself!(hubs wasn’t too happy, but I didn’t like waiting😅)
Not that I want ANY more kids 🙅🏽‍♀️ I do enjoy reminiscing about my pregnant days😍 .
I think it’s crazy the difference in me in each photo. I went from being just a big ol pregnant girl to a woman with a basketball belly😆 Can you tell when fitness came into my life?!😜
Ladies, did you like being pregnant like me or were you the opposite and hate it?! I seem to get strange looks when I say how much I loved it🤪

Emily Lawler (@mamamimosaldn)

The boys, the boys. Ugh. I love dem 🖤🖤🖤

Nicole (@nicolebado)

My sweet boy,
Never stop spreading your uncontainable, pure joy to everyone you meet. Keep waving and smiling at strangers. Keep sharing your puffs with the little boy next to you in church. Keep yelling about what makes you excited. Keep splashing in the bathtub. Always dance when the beat drops. And never, ever miss a chance to stand on your head. #letterstomyson

Parenting Blogger⚡️Nomipalony (@nomipalony)

Heading into the weekend like... 😄🦊 Got plans to see family and take Arlo to a #visiontherapy appointment on Saturday (maybe lunch out in Durham if anyone has recommendations?) and then get on top of the household jobs and prepare for Lena’s birthday next week on Sunday. If we make a good enough dent in the to-do list Sunday then a reward takeaway is on the cards too. Like the addict he is, @papagingeuk has told me 3 times that it’s been over a month since his last Dominoes. What are you lovely lot up to?

Hooded Owls Hooded Towels (@hoodedowls)

I SPY WITH MY LITTLE EYE... 👀 ... the weekend!
#friyay #bedtimecuddles

This Family of Mind (@thisfamilyofmind)

Day 23: Relax #mindfulmayhem Photo Challenge. So I had today’s image all planned out of a lovely shot of me grabbing a relax and being all chilled out...unfortunately we’ve had one of those days, where anxiety has been high, meltdowns epic & relaxation lacking! I’ve looking forward to hopefully having a few hours of sitting in the same room as the hubby a little later - if the kids both sleep!
With this in mind then, today’s picture is a little throwback to a tiny Mini taking a moment during a relaxing walk with grandad to do a spot of birdwatching! It’s probably the first and only time either of them have done any birdwatching, but this picture makes me smile whenever I see it!
Happy Friyay and hopefully it’ll be a more relaxing weekend for all of us...
#mypositivecapture #relax #birdwatching

Pebbles & Lace Teething (@pebblesandlaceuk)

Coming soon to Pebbles & Lace! The wonderfully talented Jules of @now.then.sunshine has been designing us some beautiful (&exclusive) cards 💕

So now when you're buying a teething necklace as a gift, you'll be able to pick up a card too. Although, I'm definitely going to have them up on my wall for motivation!

I'm super excited about these arriving at P&L HQ 💜

#mamamerch #youareenough #mamamotivation
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courtney 🌙 (@mrs.courtneycarter)

favorite morning scene 🌞 as excited as I get thinking about all of the updates + decorating I want to do in this little 1940’s farmhouse, I’m also making a conscious effort to stay in the present + enjoy it for what it is. because the now is more than enough 🖤 except that blue carpet. that could be replaced with reclaimed wood flooring anytime + I wouldn’t mind at all 😅

Modern Zulu Mom (@modernzulumom)

Thank God we don’t look like what we’ve been through 🙌🏾 - tough week of adulting, now we celebrate life 🎈

paula dawes (@raisingcubs)

Well that was an awesome start to the weekend......will spend the rest of it trying to keep warm!!!!

m i c h e l l e 💟 t u c k e r (@mothertuckerfitness_)

Is it bad that I wanted to keep her home another day from school, even though she wasn't sick anymore?

наташа (@nata.kulyk)

8 months old! Всегда думала, что чем дальше , тем будет легче. А получается совсем наоборот. Время тяжелых испытаний. Илай стал ползать, вставать, падать и набивать шишки, а больно и мне тоже. Как уберечь не представляю. Чувствую себя комком нервов. Если их у меня хоть немного останется к тому времени как малыш будет ходить, будет прекрасно) Уже и не поймаешь его для традиционного фото) #honestlymothering #honestmotherhood #motherhoodunplugged #mamablogger #amomentinmotherhood #mylifeinsquares #motherhoodrocks #joyfulmamas #thisismotherhood #breastfeedingmama #letthembelittle #dailyparenting #kidsforreal #momlifestyle #mybeautifulmess #firstbirthday #mom_hub #12monthsold #motherhoodmoments #flashesofdelight #mynameismama #littlelove #momtruth #pixel_kids #thisparentlife #cameramama #momtogs #mumlife #fullheartmamas #acupofmotherhood