Heather (@bunnyjackpot)

Meet Graycie! The fluffiest bun this side of the bridge. I'm house sitting for a lady who's gone away for the weekend and didn't want to upset Graycie's routine by taking her to a boarder's. So here we are! 🐰🎈
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SS Bunny Imports (@ssbunnyimports)

A fluffy #angora #rabbit. Also potentially sticker-worthy. #ssbunnyimports

Farm & Fiber at Eidolon House (@farmandfiber)

Harriet chillin' in the grass, while Nubbins (the meanest cat in existence) keeps watch.
Nubbins is a stray cat that has been around for a couple years now, but recently has been on a kick of having babies. We can't decide what to do with old Nubs; we don't want a farm of cats, but she's been around I'm sure a lot longer than we have.🤔
#angorarabbit #homestead #harrietateidolon

Naomi G. S. Banta (@ladynai)

Harvested fiber this morning for the Indiana Yarn Crawl. It's getting delivered to the shop today. Sir Ivan the Hoppable just gave and gave so much floof it wasn't even funny!

BarnYard Saints Art (@barnyardsaints)

We were always curious to see what the fat art yarn would look like woven. The fiber workshop this Saturday at @habitablespaces we decided to make an example. Proud of our first weaving attempt so far ! The art yarn is @daniellemulcahyart memory yarn where she collected all of her little trinkets, odds and ends that all have stories and spun them into yarn. She also has some hair from her beloved angora rabbit woven in. He now hops about in the sky so this wall hanging will be a nice memorial. ❤️@cadburythefluffybun #barnyardsaintsart

Everyday Farmgirl🐄 (@farmgirljolie)

Seasonal winter depression is something this #everydayfarmgirl has always struggled with. I think it's why I dive into beautiful fiber and crochet so much in the winter. It's kind of like gardening indoors for me. One of the greatest appreciations of winter that I eventually came to was this: though we all LOVE spring babies it takes the depths of winter to grow them and for that old man winter I can respect you❤️ Heromine had two little buns grey and white 😍#bunnylove #theshepherdessheart #angorarabbit #angorabunnies #farmlife #farmlove #hellospring #thankyouwinter #thatsdarling #perspective #knowyourself #choosejoy #countingmyjoys

Amanda (@three.bird.farm)

Cashew is getting a late night hair cut! He loves being pampered. He's such a spoiled bun.