Mike Garcia (@mgmagnum715)

Unleash our inner #animal, (Right side is my eye, lol) #Canislupis #Wolf #Fox #awesome

Harry (@harrysanimals)

Did you know that wild Campbell's Dwarf Hamsters dig burrows up to 3 feet deep, and line them with scavenged sheeps wool and dried grasses?
#animal #campbells #dwarf #hamster #campbellsdwarfhamster

Anthony Vedetta (@anthonyvedettafitness)

So I decided to make my first deadlift video start at 405lbs and eventually record myself doing 500lbs. I'm going to try and hit each invade in weight for 5 reps per set. Let's see how the future turns out, this set was a breeze 🔥🌋🔥 Comment me feedback and how horrible my form is ❌😂❌

TANYASHELEST / 🎤🏋🏽‍♀️🎙️ (@tanya__shelest)

Аааа😍 Есть 2 каких-то необъяснимых чувства, которые будут со мной вечно: любовь к музыке🎼 и любовь к животным🐾, в частности к котикам😻А на этом видео, они слились воедино💞 Love Music - Love World 🌎 #music #cat #musiccat #love #animal #piece #world #mylove

Kitty Central 🐱 (@kittycentral_)

Tee is the definition of a scaredy cat! 😂🙈💚

Eric Quick (@quickcreatures)

A couple of things came up so I haven't finished setting up my shop site yet, but I'll post an update as soon as it's ready. In the meantime, here's a WIP detail of a Pangolin Guard I'll be adding!