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Regrann from @zestrange - #Jallikattu or “taming the bull”, like #whaling & #hunting, is also hormone-driven & a sublimation of this primal #desire because in some parts of the civilized world men cannot turn at will on others, or #hunt #animals .
Jallikattu involves human-male combating bulls for #supremacy & as advocates of jallikattu have confessed, the human /animal combat was historically only about the victor’s right to claim alpha male status in the local #community thousands of years ago, when Indian society didn't possess the science for propagation of the species or online matrimonial services. If the bull survived the collective human-male mauling in the jallikattu arena, it acquired the high status of alpha stud bull, which would be used to impregnate local #cows for tried-and-tested breed superiority.

The word Jallikattu comes from "Salli kassu", coins & "Kattu", a package that was tied to the horns of the bulls as the prize. The Jallikattu bull is purposely chosen as it is the most ferocious & muscular bull of its species.

This is done so, as Jallikattu is based on attacking the bulls, who do not hesitate in returning the attack. The animal kingdom is replete with animals that stand up for themselves when attacked, even when they are herbivorous.
Jallikattu bulls are associated with a specific breed of #cattle descended from the Kangayam Bull, who are #fighters by #nature to begin with. Only confrontational bulls are selected for this event.

#Compassion is the key to being human. But the bull-fighting that is seen in Jallikattu is against all such principles. Training a bull to #entertain crowds is #exploitation of a living being.The Supreme Court, held that Jallikattu is in itself cruelty to animals in response to petitions filed by noted animal welfare organizations. This is a violation of their basic rights to life, dignity & health. Despite, this ruling protests are ongoing against the ban. For now, the bulls participating in this cruel sport, the verdict comes as a welcome respite.
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In love: ⚡️❤️ Headed to Etsy! Amazing Harry Potter fabric framed in the perfect frame. I love this!
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