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Here's some of what I used to create this look! 👇

Eye Shadow: Urban Decay "Smoky" Palette
Foundation: Urban Decay "All Nighter" liquid foundation
Contour: Too Faced Cocoa Contour "Chiseled to Perfection"
Lips: Jeffree Star Liquid Velour Lipstick "Mannequin"

Would anybody be interested in watching some short Instagram makeup videos? I've been thinking about trying it out!

Anna Whiting | CLT, NC (@annathestylist)

Here's { BRIDE TIP } No. 5 on this chilly Sunday afternoon! ♡ Get your hair and makeup done professionally. Haha, you knew this one was coming! I can't tell you how many horror stories I've heard from clients and friends about how they decided to "save money and do their own makeup", or decided to let their "friend in beauty school do their hair for free" - which is great until they look back at the wedding pictures and regret it. Trust me, I get it! I know how expensive weddings are. It's not cheap to book a beauty professional to do your hair and makeup. But as a professional and also a new bride, I have to tell you - spend the extra and treat yourself to get your hair and makeup done.
It's so worth it. Heck, I'm a makeup artist, and I stressed myself out a little as I was doing my own makeup on my wedding day! 😂 Take that extra worry off of your mind and I promise, you'll be so much happier with the outcome! 💕

Anna Whiting | CLT, NC (@annathestylist)

Your girl got a real camera! 👐

Any photography tips from you guys would be amazing! I am currently learning how to use it without switching over to the "Auto" setting. 😂 I'll hopefully be sharing with you guys more now that I can actually take some nice pics. Have a great Friday, everybody!
P.S. I'll post the products I used for this look in my next post!

Anna Whiting | CLT, NC (@annathestylist)

Have ever been bored with your hair? One of my favorite things to do for somebody that has never had color before, is to change it up with some baby lights!

It adds a natural "sunkissed" look without complete changing your color.

I did the baby light method on Elena, and I have to say, I'm a fan! Can you believe she's 14? She's looking so gorgeous. 😍

Anna Whiting | CLT, NC (@annathestylist)

I had to post this picture before November is gone. Look at the beautiful fall colors in the background!
I gave my brunette sister some blonde balayage, and I'm a huge fan. Everybody goes for the icy white blondes now, (which I love) but I decided to create a warm blonde on the baby sis. It's perfect for her skin tone, and it gives her hair so much dimmension! 💕
My family is the best for letting me play with their hair! Dad, you're going blonde next. Haha! 😂

Anna Whiting | CLT, NC (@annathestylist)

I'm finally sharing { BRIDE TIP } No. 4! ♡ Trust your own style, and let your creativity be expressed in your wedding day.

I am 100% positive that my mother looked at me like I was crazy at least a hundred times during the planning process. 😂 I was one of those girls that had been dreaming about my wedding since I was young, and my Pinterest wedding board was full before my husband and I were even engaged. I wanted my wedding to be whimsical and different than everybody else's. If you have a dream, make it happen! For my wedding, we made our own bouquets, I had Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin playing at the reception, and I designed my own dress.

Don't convince yourself that your crazy ideas aren't possible. Take the opportunity to show how individual and unique you are.

Pc: JP Photography

Anna Whiting | CLT, NC (@annathestylist)

I don't have many spots left if the salon before Christmas! If you are wanting to get in, be sure to call in and book. 💕

Thank you to all of my clients for being so patient with me! I'm doing my very best to give each one of you the time you deserve without running over your appointment time. You have all been so incredible to me!
I'll be posting some pretty things this week, so keep checking back!

Anna Whiting | CLT, NC (@annathestylist)

I can't let today pass without posting a picture of my sexy husband! Happy 24th Birthday! Here's a little throwback picture for anybody that wondered what he looked like before the beard... He's a babe either way. 😍

I can't explain in words how deeply I love you, Andrew Dale Whiting. 💕

Anna Whiting | CLT, NC (@annathestylist)

Back to share { BRIDE TIP } No. 3 this morning! ♡ Delegate. Use the people that want to help you!

This may sound like a silly tip, but I cannot even tell you how many brides sit in my chair to get their hair and makeup done, and can't even have a moment's peace because they are trying to control everything. You know what that creates? BRIDEZILLA. And nobody likes that!

If you are able to hire a wedding coordinator, do it. However, if you aren't able to hire a coordinator, set up beforehand with the wedding party and all vendors who to consult for questions. For my wedding, I handed out a "wedding day schedule" to everybody at the rehearsal dinner. I had 3 contacts available for questions printed on the form, and you know what? Not one of the numbers was mine! 😂 (Thanks, Mom)
Nobody wants to be a bridezilla, so if you are a control person (me ✋), prepare yourself mentally for your day. Let's others help you so you can enjoy your beautiful day and what it's really about!

PC: Again, to the amazing @thirteenthmoonphotography

Hair | Makeup Artist: Grace Studios (me)

Anna Whiting | CLT, NC (@annathestylist)

Taking a break from my { BRIDE TIPS } posts to share with you guys what I've been keeping busy with in the salon!

I got to do Lauren's hair from @laurenbaheriphotography 💕
If you aren't already following her Insta, you need to go and follow her now! She made me look flawless in my wedding pictures, which we all know is a miracle. 😂

Not only is she incredibly talented, but she is one of the most beautiful people I know inside and out. I mean look at this hair! Gorgeous.

Anna Whiting | CLT, NC (@annathestylist)

Sharing { BRIDE TIP } No. 2 today! ♡ Start your day earlier than you have scheduled on your wedding timeline.
Unexpected things always come up on your big day. Go ahead and plan in that extra time so that you can be at your appointments early, and so you aren't stressed when your timeline starts falling apart.
Early on my wedding day, I actually had to run an errand before everything started. I remember that drive very clearly - it was definitely the "calm before the storm." I had a cup of coffee, the quiet country roads in the morning, and time to get my thoughts together. For me, that time made a world of difference. 💕

Anna Whiting | CLT, NC (@annathestylist)

Here's a { BRIDE TIP } from a newly married girl looking back at her wedding day: ♡ Don't worry about things you can't control. Chances are, most people won't even notice that something went wrong!
On my wedding day, my aisle runner only went halfway down the aisle and got stuck, my poor little ring bearer got so nervous that he made himself sick, and didn't even get to go down the aisle, and my wedding cake was ruined the morning before by a melting freezer. 😂
I had an army of family and friends helping me get through each "catastrophe", and you know what? It's fun to laugh at now! This is one of the most beautiful days of your life, don't let anything take that away from you! 💕

P.S. this picture doesn't necessarily showcase my hair and makeup work, but it was just too beautiful to not share!

Pc: @thirteenthmoonphotography

Anna Whiting | CLT, NC (@annathestylist)

You can call us Baby and Johnny, but please don't ask us to dance.
Seriously, because we can't dance. 😂

On a side note, I'm one very lucky girl. 💕

Anna Whiting | CLT, NC (@annathestylist)

October has come with so many beautiful weddings!
Fall is already my favorite time of year, and when you put weddings right in the middle of my favorite season?! I seriously think it becomes magical.
I have so many beautiful wedding pictures to share with you guys. I'll be spreading them out so I don't overwhelm you, but stay tuned! I also have some very exciting news for 2018 brides coming up soon! 💕

Pc: @kaelynmikel

Anna Whiting | CLT, NC (@annathestylist)

After a very rainy Monday, I'm ready for Tuesday's sunny skies. ☀️
I love rain when I'm sitting inside cuddled up in a blanket and reading a good book, but for me, I need the sun to give me energy for the craziness of my usual life!

Is anybody else like that?
This warm blonde reminded me of sunshine, so I had to share today. Have a great Tuesday!

Anna Whiting | CLT, NC (@annathestylist)

I am a HORRIBLE salesperson.
I don't like feeling pressured into anything, and I definitely don't like others to feel that way. So when I tell you about products, it's not to get you to buy. It's to tell you what I have found that works for me!
As somebody that has struggled to get volume out of my very fine hair, I find it frustrating to search for the right products! Can I add that even though I'm a stylist, I actually hate the feeling of products in my hair? These three products by @kevinmurphyhair have helped me so much. .

HAIR RESORT SPRAY: I put this on right after I wash my hair. It gives the hair some beachy texture, and volume without feeling crunchy. It also doubles as a heat protectant.
BEDROOM HAIR: After I have dried and styled my hair, I spray this all throughout my hair. It has a powder mixed in with a light hairspray - creating just enough texture to give my hair volume for the entire day!
SHIMMER ME BLONDE: This is the girl in me really coming out! This product has a purple glitter/shimmer in it, and it smells amaaazing. I spray this on at the very end, giving my hair a gorgeous shine that makes my hair feel and look great.
I hope this has helped you some! If you are interested in learning more, comment or shoot me a message. Have a great Monday. 💕

Anna Whiting | CLT, NC (@annathestylist)

"MAKEUP is not a tool meant to make an ugly thing beautiful, it is meant only to magnify the beauty that already exists." • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •
It is a very common misconception to think that women who spend a lot of time on their makeup are always "vain" or "fake." It's so important to realize that makeup is an art. It doesn't necessarily mean that you aren't comfortable in your own skin. I honestly love doing makeup on myself, and on my clients. Let's learn to appreciate the beauty of this artwork.

That's my message for the day! 😉 Enjoy this beautiful weather we are having!

Anna Whiting | CLT, NC (@annathestylist)

I'm Anna

That kid that got picked on in junior high because she was bigger than all the other girls. The high school girl that was awkward and uncomfortable in everything she wore because she wasn't sure if it was even possible for her to look good. That college girl who thought it was a joke when the most handsome man in the whole wide world asked her out. And that woman who still struggles to accept compliments when people give them to her.
I love this industry I'm in because I get to make people feel beautiful about themselves - something I have always struggled with. I want other people to see that "beauty" shouldn't just describe how you look, but also who you are. Show people how beautiful your soul is. 💕

I'm working on how I view myself and how I view this lovely world we live in!
Thanks for following me! I'm gonna keep trying to share beautiful things in your feed!

Anna Whiting | CLT, NC (@annathestylist)

• B R O W N S U G A R •

Probably one of my favorite things to do behind the chair is Balayage. It's such a beautiful way to add some dimmension to your hair. It's easy to upkeep, and can be done so many different ways! I need some of my followers to let me use some of the new techniques I learned at the Charlotte Fashion Focus Hair Show this past weekend. It's amazing to feel so inspired by fellow artists!

On a side note, this client's hair was down to her butt and untouched by previous color! 👐 That's just the best.