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Hi Beauties! I wanted to share something personal with you, because it’s something that I feel is so important for women to know: Feminine energy, and how important it is to being connected to our authentic, beautiful selves.
It took me awhile to really understand what this meant and to embrace & celebrate it. For me, it got lost somewhere as a young girl while trying to "prove" my strength and ability as a person in this world, both in my personal and professional life.
I grew up with 3 brothers and my Father being a very strong male figure, so for me it started early on, the "I can do it too and even better, and I'll prove it to you" mentality. While I feel it's what drove me in life, it was ALL from masculine energy so it was never really authentically me and I was never fully happy in this state, no matter the success/progress that came from it. The irony was, that I am really a girly girl. So I was often misunderstood, and rightfully so.
So to finally find my feminine energy again, just this year and honor it as the amazing and beautiful thing that it is, is something I welcome now daily. I see the transformation it has made in me and my life, and those I come into contact with.
Energy is powerful. Feminine energy is powerful. Authentic energy is powerful. All of them together is simply magical.
As women today, I think it is even more important to know the difference between masculine & feminine energy and realize the importance and place for both in our lives. But most important, to not look at feminine energy as something that is associated with weakness. It is quite the complete opposite, my beauties.✨
Are you embracing your feminine energy yet?
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Mary Kay : TimeWise Ultimate Miracle Set
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Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy 😆 Remember! Skincare doesn’t need to get super complicated. No stress here! Cover your bases and keep it simple 😊
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What's great about it: 💕Polishes skin using a oil-free salt + sugar formula featuring vitamins E and C
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Your skin deserves to look flawless! Illuminateur Intense works on reducing dark spots and increasing your skin's radiance.
Available at pharmacies in Lebanon.

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I am so ready for some warm sunshine and pool time! Is anyone else feeling the winter blues? Is your skin feeling dry and dehydrated? DM me and let’s chat about ways to get your skin ready for spring!! @somethingsocial

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Vyskúšajte účinné vitamíny, ktoré si zamilujete💞💞💞
💗 Vitamín A
💛 Vitamín C
💚 Vitamín E
💜 Vitamín M
Neobsahujú umelé farbivá, parfumy ani konzervačné látky. Je to čistá a prírodná forma vitamínov. Vhodné aj pre veľmi citlivú pokožku 😉
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#Squad 😎☀️ Every day is beach day here in #SoCal! Luckily we gotcha covered with everything you need to break apart discoloration, smooth out fine lines and prevent sun damage 🏖️ 👙 🐚
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Perfectly matched ingredients: essential vitamins, antioxidants and peptides in our unique Vitamin STEP-UP SYSTEM™️. Give your skin all it needs, in incremental doses, to look younger for longer. What step-up level are you on? #EnvironSkinCare #EnvironSkinCareCyprus #RebornBeautiful #LiveBeautifully #YouthEssentiA #antiage #antiaging #antiageing #antiagingserum #antiagingproducts #antiagingskincare #antiagingcream

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This multitasking black mud-based facial polish, fortified with Activated Charcoal and natural volcanic micro-grains, purifies, exfoliates and improves skin's texture as it polishes away impurities and pore-dwelling environmental pollutants. Great for ALL skin types. • Volcanic Microcrystals and invigorating micro grains quickly polish away environmental pore cloggers, discouraging breakouts • Natural acids refine uneven and congested surface to an ultra-smooth texture • Charcoal purifies and clarifies skin exposed to dulling urban pollutants • Black Mud softens surface lines and minimizes enlarged pores

Black Mud | mineral rich mud sourced from European lakes, this freshwater sediment contains minerals, amino acids, humic acids, alpha hydroxy acids, and polyphenols that help condition and nourish the skin

Charcoal | coconut-derived charcoal that draws out impurities and environmental pollutants; extrastrength sebum absorber and skin purifier

Salicylic Acid | keratolytic BHA dissolves surface oils, debris, cellular buildup, and impactions from pores, keeping the skin breakout-free

Phytic Acid | gentle rice grain-derived AHA, impedes pigment formation

Azelaic Acid | potent multifunctional acid from Sunflowers, brightens and purifies

Mandelic Acid | gentle clarifying and brightening AHA, derived from Almonds

Glycolic Acid | biofermented Milk-derived acid, aids in healthier cell turnover

Volcanic Microcrystals | the smallest of all buffing crystals, gently polishes without irritation

Ultrafine Palm Seed Powder | naturally non-abrasive exfoliant, provides gentle exfoliation

Bisabolol | active soothing agent from Chamomile, calms signs of irritation and redness

2 oz
Free Shipping.

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Hanya dengan 4 langkah sederhana, kamu bisa dapatkan kulit cantik yang lebih bersinar alami.
Dengan Decapeptide-12 sebagai formula rahasia dari Lumixyl, kamu bisa mendapatkan kulit cerah idamanmu dengan segera.
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