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I started worrying about wrinkles in my teens and 20's. I didn't want to EVER age! Don't we all want to drink from the fountain of youth? Since then, I've searched the Earth 👆 and 👇 for products that are good for my skin and help it fight the aging process. @serumtologie's magic duo, their Pure Whipped Chiffon Moisturizer and C serum °22 are just as luxurious as they sound, and they go together like peanut butter and jelly. The serum equips your skin with a 22% concentration (ahem, high dose) of bio-active Vitamin C, an antioxidant that (in case you didn't know) prevents oxidative stress and UV damage, as well as fights the harmful effects of free radicals. The botanically-derived Hyaluronic Acid in it will inject your skin with loads of moisture. The Pure Whipped Chiffon Moisturizer is super light-weight (hence the name), it melts right into my skin, and is concocted with Superfood ingredients like green tea, aloe, shea butter, and vitamins. You won't find any fillers, irritants, parabens, or glycols in these products. Just certified organic, plant derived ingredients that are oh so good for our skin. The perfect gift for anyone who loves to take care of their skin (or for yourself! You deserve a gift! 😜), the Pure Whipped Chiffon Moisturizer and C serum °22 are deeply discounted on their website right now, plus you can get the duo together for an even better price. AND I can offer you an even bigger discount if you use BETHANY20 at checkout! (You can thank me later!)✨🙌🏼💝

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If you want your skin looking out-of-this-world, try PRAIMORDIAL Collagen Restorative Serum. This unique reparative serum helps to rebuild and restore skins basic structure – and an astrophysicist helped us develop the anti-aging technology!

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📍Piel saludable antes de las vacaciones!!!
🔸Se acerca la fecha de tomarnos vacaciones y nos damos cuenta que nuestra piel no está como quisiéramos!!
Es tarde para hacernos algún tratamiento❓Por suerte, no
🔸Tratamientos renovadores
🔸Máscaras regeneradoras .
🔸Logran cambios ¡EN UNA SOLA SESIÓN!!
⏱️Duración tratamiento: 60’

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A4M congress
Learning new things / Actualizando conocimiento

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PRE ORDER!!! 3-4 weeks

TATCHA - The Starter Ritual
Vanity Price : IDR 900,000

TATCHA The starter Ritual is a 2 weeks introduction of 4 step skin regimen from each Tatcha Ritual Set.
So, Which one is yours?#POtatcha#jualtatcha#tatchaindonesia#tatchaskincare#luxuryskincare#antiagingskincare#antiagingtreatment#authenticskincare#authenticguaranteed#authenticmakeup#authenticcosmetics#elizabetharden#luxuryskincare#antiagingserum#creamantiaging

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A year from now you will wish you had started today.✨ Your skin deserves to be looked after & loved by you, and only you.❤️

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READY STOCK!!! TATCHA - The Starter Ritual
Nourishing & Anti-Aging Set (NORMAL TO DRY SKIN)

Vanity Price : IDR 900,000

What it is:
Discover the ritual for normal to dry skin. This two-week introduction nourishes and hydrates skin for youthful radiance.

Why it's different:
As simple as it is elegant, the geisha’s skincare ritual is based on pure, minimalist ingredients. These natural actives are as effective as they are pure, advanced by science to reveal brighter, smoother, baby-soft skin.

One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil - 25 ml | 0.8 fl. oz.
Purify skin with this lightweight, antioxidant-rich cleanser that melts away even waterproof makeup.

Classic Rice Enzyme Powder - 10g | 0.3 oz.
Polish skin to a jewel-like luster with this creamy, water-activated exfoliant of nourishing Rice Bran and conditioning Pearl.

The Essence - 25 ml | 0.8 fl. oz.
Soften, plump and hydrate skin with this fluid of 98.7% pure anti-aging superfoods that makes all your skincare work better.

The Silk Cream - 10 ml | 0.3 fl. oz.
Moisturize with this anti-aging gel-cream that forms a protective veil of hydration and plumps away the look of fine lines.

Who it's for:
Ideal for normal, combination/dry and dry skin. Non-irritating. Non-sensitizing. Dermatologist tested.


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For the second week of our Christmas giveaway two people on Instagram and two people on Facebook will win a sickness remedy roller of their choice!! These sickness rollers are perfect for this time of year to keep you healthy & from getting sick! Seriously it works wonders! For more product information tap the picture to shop or click the link in our bio. .
To enter you must do all these things:
🎄Follow Purely LuzKo on Instagram 🎄Like this post 🎄Tag at least 3 people in the comments who could benefit from a sickness roller (more tags=more entries) .
***This giveaway only lasts for 24 hours so get to entering! You can enter on both Instagram & Facebook! Ends at 10 a.m. tomorrow & winner will be announced tomorrow afternoon.

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❄️Trulum❄️adalah produk Skincare 100% Natural Alami. Aman untuk digunakan semua usia, termasuk ibu hamil dan menyusui.

Kandungan buah dan tanaman yang ada pada Trulum :
*4. ..........LANJUTAN
*5. Jojoba*
Jojoba sangat baik untuk menjaga kelembaban kulit Anda. Bagi Anda yang memiliki kulit berjerawat, jojoba akan sangat baik untuk meminimalisir jerawat Anda. Hal ini dikarenakan sifat antibakteri yang terkandung di dalamnya sekaligus teksturnya yang ringan memiliki sedikit resiko penyumbatan pori-pori yang dapat memperparah jerawat Anda *6. Kakady Plum*
Kakady Plum kini tercatat sebagai tanaman yang mengandung level vitamin C tertinggi dibanding tumbuhan apapun di dunia. Mampu mencerahkan kulit secara alami. Buah ini kaya akan antioksidan yang membantu mencegah garis-garis halus dan kerutan di wajah. Plum kaya akan antioksidan yang dapat membantu untuk mengurangi munculnya bintik-bintik jerawat dan noda di wajah. Juga dapat membantu mencegah kelebihan produksi melanin pada kulit, sehingga mencegah kulit hiperpigmentasi.
*7. Beet Root Extract*
Beet root terdiri dari 90% air, protein, karbohidrat, serat, vitamin dan mineral seperti sodium, potasium, zat besi, kalsium dan fosfor. Juga terdapat vitamin, termasuk vitamin B1, B2, B3, jejak vitamin A dan vitamin C. Kehadiran vitamin C Juga membawa manfaat bagi sistem kekebalan tubuh kita, memperkuat dan asam fola. Anthocyanin, pigmen larut dalam air ditemukan juga melimpah dalam bit.
Manfaat utama menghilangkan Komedo, mencerahkan Wajah, pemutih Kulit Alami, mengatasi Jerawat, Menghilangkan Noda dan Bintik Wajah dan mengatasi Kulit Berminyak.
*8. BERLANJUT.......... Let’s Order : +628118408814 (WA only)


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Why do I love these brands?
First the quality of the products but most of all the ethical and social responsibility that these brands embody. The company that makes them, Pierre-Fabre puts humanity first by considering the person as a whole as well as being an 85% charitable foundation. The products are affordable to all, everyday folks, rich and famous. They even sponsor some kids here from the US to go to the Hydro Centers in the South of France to help with their eczema and other atopic dermatitis related issues. Their goal is to provide quality products that deliver results. They even develop pharmaceutical products for rare conditions that most big Pharma will not touch because of profitability issues. The brands are formulated with botanicals and ingredients from new technology developed every year from botanical research and development as well as sterile manufacturing facilities in the South of France and some in Paris. Most of Glytone is manufactured in the US but the more recently launched products have been developed in France.
The products are available to all through affordable prices and yet deliver results even for people with sensitive skin.
The brands also help provide healthcare to challenged economies.
Doesn’t it feel good to use products that actually work on your skin and know that as your skin improves and normalizes, you are also doing good for others because you are funding the 85% charitable foundation that help people with healthcare challenges?

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Lui Anti Aging Serum - Swiss Apple Stem Cells 70% - 30ml
(BPOM : NC50162000287)
Order Now! Wa: 085777223534
line @osw1300a
harga 3 juta
16 Manfaat dalam 1 Lui Anti Aging Serum -
Swiss Apple Stem Cells 70%:
Dengan Serum Swiss Apple Stem Cells 70%, lebih dari 10x lebih efektif untuk:
Mencerahkan wajah
Menghilangkan garis halus/ kerutan dalam
Menghilangkan hyperpigmentasi/ noda wajah
Melembabkan wajah secara ekstra
Melembutkan wajah

Menjaga & mengembalikan elastisitas kulit
Mengurangi perkembangbiakan bakteri penyebab jerawat
Meningkatkan produksi kolagen dengan lebih cepat
Menyehatkan kondisi kulit
Memperbaiki sel kulit yang lemah / rusak

Membersihkan sel kulit mati
Mengecilkan pori-pori wajah
Merangsang pertumbuhan sel kulit baru
Mengaktifkan kembali sel kulit lama yang tidak produktif untuk dapat memproduksi sel kulit baru
Mempercepat pertumbuhan sel kulit baru
Meningkatkan kualitas sel baru yang lebih baik

Dengan menggunakan 70% Swiss Apple Stem Cells kualitas tertinggi, serum Lui Anti Aging Serum diformulasikan untuk mempertahankan dan mengembalikan kulit muda Anda dengan lebih menyeluruh.

Aktif mengganti sel kulit mati dengan sel kulit baru yang lebih baik.

Meningkatkan kualitas sel kulit yang bekerja efektif bagi Pria amaupun Wanita.

Menghilangkan kerutan dan memperbaiki sel yang rusak.

Meningkatkan elastisitas kulit, membuat Anda tampak jauh lebih muda.

Menghilangkan noda/ pigmentasi.

Serum Lui Swiss Apple Stem Cells adalah serum yang baik digunakan pada siang dan malam hari untuk segala jenis kulit.

order sms atau whatsapp -085777223534-
line @osw1300a
harga 3 juta


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Time is almost up to get your orders in! If you want them for the 25th tomorrow is the last day to order. Thank you to all of you that have ordered & supported my small business during this Christmas season. I am blessed by each of you & to love what I do. Link in bio to shop 💕🎄🎅🏼🎁❄️

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In love with our DOCTOR BABOR A16 Booster Concentrate💗 Περιλαμβάνει 10% Retinew A16 που είναι 16 φορές πιο αποτελεσματικό απο την ρετινόλη (βιταμινη Α) και αντιμετωπίζει τις βλάβες που έχουν προκληθεί από την ηλιακή ακτινοβολία οπως ρυτίδες & μείωση κολλαγόνου
#baborlove #babor #askformore #baborgr #baborgreece #antiaging #antiagingserum #retinol #collagen #skincare #skincareroutine
📷 @fablefrique 🙏