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Have you read the " Rehab R-evolution"? You can ask for a copy here


this isnt gonna be cohesive at all but my feed needs to stop being green and white because i have nothing to post

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😭 You guys deserve the world 🌞

Qotp: How do u refer to Popsicles (Flavored ice on a stick?)? (Otterpops, freezes, icicles(?), etc)

Aotp: I refer to them as popsicles hbu? 🌞

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Lol i nearly got diagnosed with an anxiety disorder but i kept lying, but that doctor was smart so i kinda avoided him because idk. then i had to go to see him again the other day and they changed the doctors to one who just thought i was there for a breathing test but I promised not to lie so I didn’t other than the hru question. Now I’m discharged and never have to go back. Lol. Never had to get a blood test either and it’s like if i did i would of been a big screw up because of how bad my arms are. Then there’s a part of me what wants help, I don’t understand it because when i have the help i need i just can’t get it out, especially when my mum is there. I tried talking to her i just get a glare and a “it’ll get better” like no, no stfu. And the few times I LITERALLY had to cry and cry for her to understand when I really fucking needed her the most i got was a hug and then she went back to what she was doing. The thing is, i hate hugs, so I just stand there dead. 🙌 and now i blame her for my incapability to love. 🙃

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This new kid at school is so damn nice. So I’ll just give up trying to get with him. All the hoes want him. I guess it’s whatever. I just gotta try not to care and keep on going with just caring about my life. But for me the key in life is not to care about literally anything
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“be small,”
he said.
“feel the violence of it
it will crush you.”
my face is turning blue
but i don’t mind
“this,” he says, “this is how
you will learn.
you will yearn for something that
you have not yet earned and
my child, it will burn.
but i am right here
i’m always near.
your scars will heal
and you will finally feel

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thank you for all of the kind messages - you all make my heart and soul so full 💖✨ taking things day by day and enjoying my life the way god intended: with avocado 🥑

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