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Because the pretty girl who looks on point does it all to hide how sick she really is because looking depressed sloppy or messy isn't an option! #depression #anxiety #suicidalthoughts #survivor
Thank you @pinupsformentalhealthawareness for giving me a sisterhood where I feel normal

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ALL THE COZIES this Monday evening ☕️
After a busy day, there’s nothing like snuggling up with a hot cacao, taking some deep breaths and catching up on some good ol’ Netflix. 😊
Have you tried Dr Weil’s breathing technique? It instantly calms an anxious mind, and is a super effective tactic for those nights when you just can’t get to sleep. Here’s how it works:
1. Breathe in quietly for 4 counts
2. Hold for 7 counts
3. Breathe out slowly through your mouth for 8 counts
Complete this cycle 4 times - and just like that, you’ll notice an immediate shift. 🙏🏻😴
Featured above ⬆️ @majikmylk Potion #4: Relax (Cacao + Reishi)

Mary Ann Marshak (@mydesignforalifetime)

“We must have a pie. Stress cannot exist in the presence of a pie.” ― David Mamet, Boston Marriage .
Anyone here an emotional eater? It's a rather popular club. But, the roots aren't in the flavor of the pie or the ice cream on top. It's about your body and how it reacts to stress. Your body gets stressed if it isn't getting the proper nutrition. Stress craves sugar and promotes lack of control. If anxiety kicks in, there isn't a sweet close by that has a chance of surviving. It sounds funny, but stress can take a real toll on your body. The pie might be the quick fix in your brain, but the body needs a real fix that takes time, exercise, hard work, and clean eating. But, it can be done and stress can be reduced. How do I know? Personal experience. 🤤🍰🍧
Do you know an emotional eater? 🌹
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Hi. I'm another suicidal teen crying for help. Also suffering from other mental health conditions. Major trigger warning for this account. Look after yourselves guys 💕 #suicide #suicidal #suicidalthoughts #suicideteen #suicidalteen #selfharm #relapse #anorexia #anorexianervosa #eatingdisorder #anxiety #depression #ocd

whatever (@freefallbirdy_)

Darf ich vorstellen, mein erstes echtes Lachen, seit, naja kann ich mich nicht erinnern, vermutlich, weil die letzten Monate sich wie ein Gang durch das Feuer angefühlt haben. H*llenqu*len und panische Angst waren die einzigen noch spürbaren Emotionen und auch irgendwo die einzigen, die ich außer dieser endlosen Leere noch spüren konnte und heute, heute kam der Lichtblick an den ich schon nicht mehr geglaubt hatte.
Glück, Freude und Wärme, von mir verschwunden geglaubte Emotionen, die jeder einzelne Bass in mir hervorgeholt hatte. „Dass du bei dir selbst bist, ist schon viel viel zu lang her“
Heute war ich zum ersten Mal seit langem wieder vollkommen bei mir, hab mich ganz gefühlt und nicht mehr wie der verlorene Mensch unter so vielen anderen Menschen die alle mit mir diesem Körper teilen.
Lieber Micha (@mistermeamstart ) ich danke dir wie schön die Male zuvor, dass deine Musik und jede deiner Zeilen mich stärkt und mir Kraft gibt.
Ich danke dir für unser Gespräch, die Zeit die du dir genommen hast, jedes deiner an mich gerichteten Worte, deinen aufmerksamen Blick und das Gefühl das du mir gegeben hast, nämlich nicht egal zu sein.
Auch wenn jetzt alles grau und kalt ist und mein Atem immer wieder friert gibst du und deine Musik mir die Hoffnung dass er wieder tauen wird. Ich glaube ich bin nicht fähig ansatzweise zu beschreiben, was mir dieser Abend und deine Zeit bedeutet hat, inwiefern ich fähig bin wieder das Licht zu sehen („dann geht das Licht an“) und wie ich weiter versuchen werde das leicht flackernde Flamme in mir wieder zu zünden. „
Du hörst in dich hinein, dieser kleine Funke bleibt, wenn es dunkel ist, zünde dein Herz an.
Und setz dein Feuer [...] frei
Ein kleiner Funke setzt dein Feuer [..] frei,
Du wächst über dich hinaus,
Atme ein es geht nie aus,
Du wirst leuchten,
Setz dein Feuer [..] frei.“

🔥BECOME A BETTER MAN 🔥 (@tonibody)

Failure is normal and necessary
Whether its with your diet, your training or your relationships, you are destined to fail
A lot
Remember that failure is the stepping stone to success
Fail forward and never give up

Kayley (@kayleycupcake)

WARNING: Long dark mental health post. I feel like a piece of garbage. Halfway through my workout after a week where I got a little too relaxed left me feeling like garbage mentally and physically. I noticed it in my temperament, in my face, and in my mood. I feel like I’m destined for a lifetime of fighting against my unbalanced hormones where I’ll never win. When other sectors of my life aren’t going well, I turn into a ball of anxiety and slip into a darkness I know a little too well. I took a step into what I hope is the right direction today and I had my first therapy appointment to attempt to work through some of my past issues ranging from the loss of my sister, eating disorders, sexual assault, and anxiety in general. I feel like I unloaded 10 years of baggage that I’ve been carrying around with me and let bottle up inside of me, and then I turned around and left. I felt like I was supposed to go back to “normal” afterwards, whatever that is. Somedays feel dark and like I’m alone and living a lie, and others feel like I’m living a charmed life. Here’s to hoping that I someday find a balance between my mental and physical health. I’m not going to make some blanket statement about mental health awareness because what I do know? This is just my current struggle being voiced on a platform I feel comfortable on. 😶 #PCOS #anxiety

Mandee Anderson (@mandee_anderson)

NEVER MISS A MONDAY!!! I like to schedule my workouts first thing in the morning but that does not mean that my workout times never change...the key to success is flexibility!!! Yesterday, I didn’t workout until almost midnight because it didn’t work in my schedule earlier but that’s okay!!! I made it work later😃

I missed a workout this week as well this week and THAT’S OKAY too!!! When I let those things make me feel like a failure I feel bad about myself, I end up giving up or cheating with with my nutrition as I am an emotional eater.

Instead, I focus on what I am able to do and am okay when things don’t do exactly as planned. I missed a cardio workout but I did Zumba for two hours on Friday 😃

My March accountability group started up today and I will be there to support them the next 21 days to help them meet (and perhaps even surpass) their goals!!! If u missed out this time I have a free 1 week Spring Refresh starting next Monday!!! If you are interested message me😃

I also have a very excited group starting up next month if you are interested in becoming a coach as well!!! Big opportunities await!!! More info to follow as well😄

HAPPY MONDAY!!! If you haven’t gotten active there is still time left in the day...same with if you have been making poor food choices!!!! Make your next meal a healthy one!!!