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Always hold your head up, but be careful to keep your nose at a friendly level.

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View our photos of Sorority Noise from their show in Philadelphia on our site now under the Concerts & Events tab! | 📸: @bmccoyphoto

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I want to fly, can you take me far away?

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Drinks, laughs, and stories til sun down #nyc #rooftop

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Do what makes your soul happy ✨ I have realized that more often than not, comfort and growth cannot live in the same place. This does not mean we have to be miserable in order to bring forth our highest selves, but it means that sometimes we have to challenge ourselves a little, push our boundaries and do a little hard work.
Sometimes we hold onto things that weigh us down--people, places, memories, guilt... it's not easy to let those go. It's easier to just dust it under the rug to "deal with it later" until all of the sudden we are carrying a lifetime of baggage....
We, as humans are capable of and willing to tolerate an immense amount of discomfort before we are willing to make a change due to fear.... Fear of the unknown. Fear of vulnerability, etc. We build walls around our hearts, we wear heavy armor that we think is protecting us but it only weighs us down. Because it is blocking our most vulnerable places, which are coincidentally where our passions lie. And our passions are our purpose.
It takes courage to do what makes your soul happy. Because you will be let down, you will be discouraged, someone will not like your art, someone will critique your writing, someone important will tell you that you won't make it. Sometimes that person is yourself. Keep doing it anyway. Don't listen to any of that talk. Create whatever it is just to create it. Without any fear or expectation of the outcome. If you love gardening, garden. Cooking? Cook... if you like crunching numbers, crunch the shit out of those numbers.... if it's roller skating, surfing, sciencing, making music, making pottery, working on cars, decorating... whatever! It ALL MATTERS. Just do it!
When we allow ourselves access to the place that makes our hearts light as a feather, we create more space to give to others and inspire others to do the same.
So do what makes your soul happy, dammit. Because we only have one go at this. So do it. Even if it's scary AF. Hard AF. It's worth it... AF.
Can I get an amen?

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Occasionally I'm a little reluctant to spend a whole day on the boat, bit I never find myself regretting it.