Tracey Hebb (@traceyjade)

Apart from the fact that I apparently didn't wet the edges of the crusts enough when I sealed them and the top crust lifted away along parts, this pie still looks pretty damn good
It better be! It was my last jar of homemade canned apple pie filling until next fall :-(
Note to self: Make triple the amount of pie filling next year 🍎🍏

Tina Vanzant (@applesnroseshomestead)

I'm having the most fun @empire.acres.homestead doing this #photochallenge day 13, canning: we love home canned food! Back in the day when my babies still lived at home I canned everything I could get my hands on, from garden goodies to wild goodies and we even bought from produce stands. But now that I work outside the home I don't have much time or energy to do much. I do all that I can tho! Now my folks can from Sun up to Sundown! See those beets (OMW) those are the best you will ever eat, really I'm not kidding! The corn and garden salsa my folks canned! The rest we did from our orchard and sand plums!
#winteronthehomestead #ApplePieFilling #CarrotCakeJam #SandPlumJelly #SandPlumSyrup #HomeSteadersLife #VanzantShire

Sweet Food O´Mine (@sweetfoodomine)

Ihana omenapiirakan täyte ei välttämättä tarvitse pohjaa. Mihin kaikkeen omenapiirakan täytettä sitten voi käyttää, siihen vinkit blogissa. Samoin resepti. Linkki profiilissa ⬆️ #omenapiirakantäyte #omenapiirakka #aamupala #herkkuhetki #herkuttelua #ruokakuva #ruokakuvaus #perheetsafkaa #brunssi

Novi Liana|Acen♡ (@novilianacen)

Just finished made this apple pie filling. I had made a promise to my mom that I would make her an apple pie. So, tomorrow morning will be working with some flour and butter. Messy kitchen produces warm hearted delicacy. Well, it's time to take shower and watch my kdrama😁
#applepiefilling #apple #homemade #filling #madebynovilianacen