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sorry for not posting earlier, I ran out of time.
Do you like gelato? -M 💙

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good morning loves, this is the last edit of this theme!!💓
her outfit is gorgeous, im really sad she didn't go to the amas again this year, she should have won best artist😕
#qotd - favourite ama performance?
#aotd - focus!!

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❥;happy birthday my love !! my one and only Lee Jihoon ♡ my baby's 21 today :") i can't believe he's growing up sooo fast !! although he's still a tiny baby lmao. i literally can't even express my love for him into words. he means so much to me. my heart melts at the sound of his voice, i'm in love with him and everything he does for his fans. i'm the most proud i could ever be, he's grown to be a inspiring, beautiful man. he honestly is such an inspiration and i adore him. i truly do love him. stay strong my beautiful, and happy birthday baby. i hope 21 treats you well !!
ー natalie !! sending all my love to you 😭😭💓💓💘💘💗💗💗