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What I do for Cardio.

Hiking. It definitely beats HIIT and LISS cardio. Especially the boring treadmill. I personally wouldn't be able to list any other options better for cardio than going out to explore and experience such beautiful sights in my own country.

So get off the old treadmill, bike, rowing machines and get out to explore!

Yesterday's hike to Katoomba Falls.

Memorable moments from the hike; ✔️ A bloke who willingly took a few photos right under the waterfall in the cold in just a singlet.
✔️ A family of 4, two of the kids were really young. A boy who was 3 on a hike, props to the parents and especially the kids for going out on a hike at that age. The young girl was bitten by leaches on both her ankles. The boy had his right shin wrapped after being cut by sheet metal awhile ago. The family's atmosphere was filled with nothing but warmth and joy!
✔️ Completed the 1000 giant stairs
✔️ Met a Norwegian that scaled 1000+ steps and just didn't stop.
✔️ Slipped a few times but nothing new.

The hiked totaled to roughly 4 hours.

Just remember. Don't stick to doing the same thing over and over. Especially in the gym. Find new exercises and alternatives to keep you sane. Even myself get bored of performing the same routine over and over. New exercises and routines keeps me sane.

Especially for individuals looking to burn unwanted body fat. Specifically speaking of cardio, don't us the treadmill over and over everyday. Mix between HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and LISS (Low Intensity Steady State) cardio. If you're consistently performing the same routine or using the same cardio machine over and over. You'll eventually get bored and lose commitment. Which results to giving up.

If you're constantly using the treadmill. Why not swap to the bike or the stair master?

If you're bored of LISS then replace it for HIIT

Keep it new and enjoyable. Yes, YOU have a goal you wish to achieve but who said you couldn't make it fun and enjoyable.

Peter Duy Dat Nguyen🃏