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Artwork by me

Erika Barriga•Artist (@fluximagery)

Sorta getting the birthday planning down. I do love “event” birthdays away from our house but I don’t like the time restrictions. So party at the house it was!

My little one is 3 and I am emotional every year. With both of my daughters’ birthdays. So happy to have more sleep now than when they were newborns and the milestones. But there is always something I absolutely love that they are growing out of as well. Like baby head smell, falling asleep on my chest, baby sounds, their little phrases, etc.

So happy but I wouldn’t be telling the truth if I didn’t share that it stings a little too. Do you feel the same? How do you cope?💕 Happy birthday baby, now I have party bears on the brain. ☺️☺️☺️

Por Evaristo Medeiros (@subvertendo)

Que seu domingo tenha sido tão lindo quanto a canção do Nando Reis pra Cássia Eller. 💞
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Hypnotizing Arts (@hypnotizing_arts)

🌑 Incredible pencil sketch ✍️
☺️ What do you think about this drawing technique? 🤔

Artist: @johnsmidlow

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Pesei (@peseiart)

Artist sketching book 📚.