Mircea C-tin Jichici (@mirceajichici)

Temptations [apple bitten]
Temptation of Eve and Adam's temptation.
'' The apple is an ancient symbol of fertility, and its shape was compared with spherical earth and all eternity. Some thought apple growing tradition in the tree of life. As silver Celtic branch fruit, apples symbolize fertility. In Christianity, the apple is the forbidden fruit that the serpent tempted Eve leading to expulsion from paradise man. Therefore, it is a symbol of worldly desires and temptation in Greek mythology, Atalanta gave temptation golden apples of Aphrodite. This interpretation is reinforced by negative derivation of the Latin word malum its name - '' bad ''. Being the fruit of the tree of knowledge, apple represents divine wisdom; and Christ-the 'new Adam' '- may be represented by an apple, symbolizing saving in context. Fruit apple symbolizes a highly developed capacity for reflection, analysis and insightful intelligence on the measure. In the Bible, the tree of knowledge about science or grow in the garden of paradise and carries temptation, apples, fruit Eve stopped taste, leaning beguiled by the serpent, which precipitated the fall of man gesture of paradise. A double symbol symbolizes evil and good knowledge providing an intellectual awakening even if the ambiguous results and seen as a symbol of the desire for freedom of sexual experience and self-indulgence. '' Text of 'Signs & Symbols'' by Clare Gibson
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