Arthropod Apothecary (@arthropodapothecary)

Our facial soap has activated charcoal and colloidal oatmeal. You won't be disappointed.

Lather & Frisk (@latherandfrisk)

EVANGELINE from the top 💜🎩💜🎩💜 - plays tuba and the clarinet, seven children, sleeps in on sundays with no exceptions, rage quit every job she's ever had, has read Jane Eyre at least twenty seven times
🛁Type - Soap Bar
💜Scent - combo: Lavender/Black Sea Salt
💗Ingredients - Olive Oil, Water, Coconut Oil, Sustainably Sourced Palm Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Sunflower Oil, Fragrance, Activated Charcoal, Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxide

Lunaminé Soapworks (@lunaminesoapworks)

Meet Aria, new soap design inspired by Viktor of Yuri on Ice, scented with rose genarium and sandalwood. It's a challenge in getting angles right and the lines on top really test my drawing skills! Have not drawn a straight line free hand in ages! This feels satisfying 🤣


Remake of fairy... I was inspired to change this one up a bit when I created the fairy Tub Truffle and fell in love with how it came out.

ゆる~く、 しなやかに (@yurukushinayakani)

* 自宅で石鹸作り(^^♪ *
相変わらずの定期的な石鹸作りを行っています(⋈◍>◡<◍)。✧♡ 今回は、ハイビスカスのインフューズドオイルで作りました(^^♪ 今回の石鹸の香りのテーマは、森の香りです♪
今回の石鹸のスペシャルオイルは、アボガドオイルなので、アボカドチックなお色です~☺️ 型入れの失敗はなくなり、キレイな断面で、とても嬉しいです。
もし、私の石鹸にご興味があれば、是非、コメントをくださいね~☺️ ただ今、クリーマ(Creema)で出品中ですので、お気に入り登録やフォローいただけると、嬉しいです!(^^)! よろしくお願い致しますm(__)m
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HEX (@hexthestore)

It's been so fun filling up the store this last week. The smell of these soaps make you feel like you're right at home, so cozy.
Photography | @angelanunninkphotography

Мыло и косметика ручной работы (@ashberrysoap)

Всем доброго солнечного утра! Похоже, нам удалось-таки призвать лето! ☀️Но не будем останавливаться на достигнутом - на фото наше новое мыло "Летние травы"! Яркие цветы на фоне нежной зелени и чудесный аромат мяты 🌺🌱 Мыло получилось по-настоящему летним и очень свежим, заказывайте через Директ или оставляйте комментарии 👇🏻
Кусочки весом по 100 грамм, ₽270
Seems that summer is finally here! 😎 Please welcome our new soap - "Summer herbs" decorated with hand-painted flowers 🌸 and scented with a very nice and fresh peppermint fragrance oil 🌱
To order - just send us a DM or leave a comment 👇🏻

Guava Handmade Soap (@guavahandmadesoap)

Lily of the Valley🌿 This soap has a fresh, delicate, straight-from-the-garden scent with an amazing combination of pure plant oils and organic shea butter🌞

천연비누• cp비누• 숙성비누• 분당공방 (@luvya_studios)

왕고춧가루 아님 주의요 😬
* 전성분 : 로즈힙오일, 코코넛오일, 팜오일, 시어버터, 올리브오일, 스윗아몬드오일, 포도씨오일, 유기농로즈힙분말, 유기농로즈힙드라이허브, 천연에센셜오일블렌딩(유기농 버가못, 유기농 일랑일랑, 유기농 패출리, 라벤더프렌치, 스윗오렌지)
비싼 로즈힙오일 넣어 만든 #로즈힙비누 💕
숙성비누의 전성분 공개에 있어
에센셜오일 블렌딩 노하우를 공개하기 싫어서(아까워서) 안했었는데
비율을 알리지 않는다면 그또한 어떠하리 싶어요..👀
에센셜오일도 가격 차이가 심하지만 않는다면,
그니까 웬만하면 유기농인데 저에겐 그냥 당연한거라
굳이 알리지 않은 것 뿐인데 (귀차니즘도 한 몫)
이 비누는 좀 덜 예쁘지만 애착이 많이 가서 굳이 공개해요 히히😆
자 커팅을 해봅시다🔪
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#antiaging #forwomen #soapmaking