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Dạo này thấy Totocha vừa rẻ vừa ngon :3 cũng lâu r chẳng đăng j trên insta nhỉ 😌
Mỗi ngày bên cậu đều là 1 ngày rực rỡ ❤️
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Out here posting for no reason... Just coolin on set with the “Igmeister” @ignatius305 A lot of great people in Miami’s Film biz. We’re just two of them! #Miami #MiamiFilmIndustry #OnSet #SetLife #Commercial #SlashPhotoShoot #Photopia #ArtDirector #Blessed #AsAlways #BlessUp #BigUp

Mel Di Genova (@mel.digenova)

“I see it in the way you would do When no one else could ever get through Holding back till I come around Time and time again you wait for me to come in. And did you really look my way?
Cause no one could've seen this coming. I would never let you down, If I was running backwards in full time. So I can and I will
and you’ll see, your hero come running Over and over tonight. And I do wanna love you If you see me running back
And I do wanna try
Because if falling for you girl is crazy Then I’m going out of my mind So hold back your tears this time. Me, I’m used to being tired and bloody But you believed that I could be somebody
You put your world on hold for me Gave away to follow failure through the fire I need you to know I will Believe me girl I’m so tired of running I just wanna hold your hand Stare at you like you’ve got everything I need” 🎶💙 .
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Charmain LexieBunny* (@lexiebunny_)

Life is full of surprises and things do happen.
Im not always the Miss Sunshine everyone thinks I am.
No matter how bad I wanna give positive vibes only, it’s inevitable to generate negativities sometime.
Glad that there’s this one place I can always go to and recharge myself, refreshing the mind, resetting my mood and vibes.
At the end of the day, you’ll know you alone are strong enough to face all the problems and overcome all the obstacles.
Never give up.
Stay strong.
Stay positive.
Be happy. As always.😊
Special thanks to my thursday floating buddies.
@twinnielam and @joshualuichan for those unexpected gifts.☺️

MaduIsh ❤️ (@madushani.ishara)

I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.
__Maya Angelou
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Dhita faradhya (@dhitaokfar)

Kamu akan merasa benar-benar merindukan senyumku, merindukan tawaku, merindukan candaku dan merindukan diriku nanti. Nanti. Bukan sekarang 😂
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Behave like snow and fall for me 🌨️