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"Hicbir ruya sonsuza dek surmuyor sevgilim.
Butun masallar prenses uyaninca bitiyor"


Veromundo Viagens (@veromundoviagens)

Laos é talvez um dos mais belos países do Sudeste Asiático, se destaca pela sua história, paisagens, cultura, tradições, monumentos e templos. Se seu foco são belezas naturais, vc vai adorar conhecer esse país encantador!
Agende um horário conosco.
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Romantic holiday!
The islands of the Maldives are so incredibly beautiful that you'll get the feeling like you are walking in a secluded paradise. Go on, spend your romantic getaway with your partner in Maldives and walk in this wonderland together!

L•IO (@ar1stovv_)

Well this is slightly premature but..currently saving up dough to travel to the land of the rising sun in April 2018. Been on my radar for many years (got to stop through Tokyo on my way back from Thailand 2 years back) Also, not my photo but will pursue these views #sushi #japan #travel
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I´m home again for a couple of days until I do my 3 weeks cruise upto Greenland, passing Scotland and Iceland. So I wanted to share a summer picture until I go to the cold countries

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Wasif Iqbal (@wasif.i)

I’ve been to Vietnam a few times and this is a place that has been on the top of my to visit list!
Ho Thuy Tien is an abandoned water park outside Hue. The park opened originally in 2004 and cost $3 million to build but it was closed a few years later. Despite talk of opening the park many times it never happened but the park has become an attraction anyways. As the park became more known amongst travelers and more and more people started to visit the park, locals have started to collect «entry tickets» (which they can’t do but are still doing), and several pop up refreshment stands are there as well.
The first thing you see is the three story metal dragon and it sets the mood for this abandoned park and it’s probably one of my favorite places I’ve been to.