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Fine lines, dull skin, tan, dehydrated skin, blemishes, lack of texture..
If the above sounds familiar then read on as you will find this product no less than a miracle.
#kiehls Powerful-strength line-reducing concentrate has 12.5% Vitamin C and Hyaluronic acid. Both these have been highly and repeatedly appreciated by dermatologists and are an extremely good combination for reducing the above mentioned things.
I do find that my skin finds it warm upon application but after results are just AMAZING.
Please ensure that you put a sunscreen on top as all only Vitamin C based serum on skin is not a good decision while going out in sun.
Happy shopping !
Fact 1 🧠 Little goes a long way but not too little else it needs some amount to show it's magic.
Fact 2 🧠 This comes in pump packaging which is highly convenient
Fact 3 🧠 Bottle is tinted which is best for Vitamin C based serums
Fact 4 🧠 Size is just fine as you can travel with it. Also, shelf life of Vitamin C based serums is not alot so it is preferred to be in small sized packing.
PS: Focus on the area which need attention. Do not miss it's application on the problem area.
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yeaaayyy... it's on @PIXERF already 🙌🙌
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model: my beautiful and talented friend @wijie_ananda
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💚 Blithe Patting Splash Mask Soothing Healing Green Tea inneholder en hurtigvirkende blanding av AHA- og BHA-syrer og botaniske ekstrakter som balanserer, beroliger og klarner opp huden, og den eksfolierer skånsomt bort døde hudceller samtidig som den tilfører fukt og næring.
Link i bio!
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A sneak peek of my spread in the March-April issue of Playboy Philippines 🐰 Get to know me + see more of me inside!
Grab a copy at 7-Eleven stores or order signed copies from @playboyphilippines! I'll write a dedication for you. 💋 📸 @brentoboxph - @brentobox.persuasion

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@lumabeauty On the Glow Highlight stick in Cashmere Casbah