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Just look at Claude's transformation!!!! Here's his story...he wants to share with EVERYONE because it's made such a huge impact on his life. Everyone DESERVES to look and feel their best. Who do you know who would be thrilled to experience a life-changing transformation like this?? 👇 "What a difference a year makes...Allow me to reintroduce myself my name is Claude... if you only knew what was going through my head a year ago. My wife was pregnant and I was the one carrying the baby. Stood in my best friends wedding as his best man and felt like I had embarrassed myself and my family. I made a conscious decision to stop wishing for a change in my life and take it by the reigns. Quite frankly I saved my own life. As someone who was scared to even park at the doctors office I was losing it. But I stand before you, a year later...131lbs later...a baby later...a job promotion later...a move to a different state later...A CHANGED MAN. Life happens. Take control. Find your best self and love it. I have the greatest support system and I'm gonna continue being me and being the best me I possibly can. Happier than ever. We liiiiiiive!! Signed, Skinny Claude The Gawd!!"

Fidji (@fidji_sahel)

Today was not a very good day. I was still tired and felt like shit. I screwed up my diet. I skipped the gym again. And I went for pizza with my sister 🙈 This kind of day happens to me every once in a while, and usually when I am very tired and been dieting for a lil while. This is the signal for me that I should have a diet break, or more precisely a macro tracking break. Since I struggled with eating disorders during a while and now that I am fully recovered, I can identify when that "demon" is around me and how I should react to make it go away. For me the solution is : back to intuitive eating until I feel better.
My mental health first.

Ajd n'était pas une bon jour. J'étais toujours fatiguée et je me sentais comme une merde. J'ai foiré ma diète. J'ai nié la salle de nouveau. Et j'ai été manger une pizza avec ma soeur 🙈
Ce genre de journée m'arrive une fois de temps en temps, et particulièrement lorsque je suis fatiguée et que je suis en sèche depuis qq tps. C'est pour moi le signal que je dois faire une petite pause dans ma sèche, ou plus précisément faire une pause dans mon calcul de macros quotidien.
Vu que j'ai eu qq désordres alimentaires durant tout un temps et que je suis mnt pleinement guérie, je sais reconnaître quand ces démons tournent autour de moi et je sais comment réagir pour les arrêter.
Ma solution est la suivante : se remettre à manger intuitivement jusqu'à ce que je me sente mieux.
La santé mentale avant tout.

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