theresa laabs (@theresalaabs)

My wife is the best thing that has happened to me, 3 months down with a lifetime to go!! #mywife #shesmybestfriend #sheisbetterthanyou #aug52017 #faithfullyyours

Jayde Carty (@dancecoder)

You never know how strong you are, until being strong is the only choice you have 🙏🏽😔. Saddest day in my life so far! Rest In Paradise Daddy! #myangel👼 #myfirstlittlelove #missyoudearly💔 #everythingidoisformyparents #iloveyouwithallmybeing #daddygirl #washbelly #blackdressocassion #sadday #aug52017 #blood I know your smiling at all your children and wife and what we have become and are growing into. You did exceptionally well raising us and providing for us all. I hope to one day fill even half your shoe... 💋 #rememberingdad

ミナミ (@_____37mi)

#過去pic #ikea #instadaily #l4l #like4like #luv #aug52017

Dusty🤘🏼 (@dmwl8517)

If I could I would relive this day over and over. I'm talking all the full fledged nervousness and all the antsy moments when I could hear Aaron but wanted to see him. The crazy comments that people made while I was trying to be positive, the tender moments, and even the heat of the day getting to me. I would love to just go back and feel these precious moments all over again! It was such a special day and it truly was the best day of my life! I married my very best friend and I can't wait for the day we get sealed for all time and eternity. I just wanted to share with you the highlights of my amazing wedding. If you have me on Facebook, I'm sure you saw my album, if not I have them all there. I promise you will never stop seeing these😂 there's 244 of them! Anyway, thank you @naomiraeee for capturing these precious moments and for being one of my anchors of positivity on this very special day💞 #mywedding #AUG52017 #MrsLouthan

Tch Mhel (@mhel_0804)

D Malay words!👍🏻😊 #Repost @mercy_flores1 (@get_repost)
Malay words! 😁👍🏻 Selamat Datang- Welcome
terima kasih- Thank you
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