Sarah (@dirtdynastywife)

Them legs though....😍 loving #80dayobsession and #autumncalabrese for this program. Day 5, phase 1. (I did first phase but missed too many days in pass 2 so I restarted) #fitnessgirl #bossmom #fitmama #stronger #wisconsin #summerbody #slinger #beachbody #loveyourself

Bernie Yadesky Snodgrass (@fitnesswithbernie)

Day 62 of 80 Day Obsession booty. I forgot my after workout sweaty selfy so here is last week's. I only have 3 more weeks of 80 Day Obsession. I am going to start a new round on April 23 who wants to do the next round with me and get all of the coaching I have gotten from Autumn Calabrese? You will be looking be at after round one for swim suit season. #80dayobsession #fitwithfibromyalgia #autumncalabrese.


Tomorrow is Day 1 💪 Prebaby weight here I come 🙌💃🏻 #autumncalabrese #80dayobsession #motivation #getfit #fitmom

AUTUMN CALABRESE (@autumncalabrese)

Fun in the sun. ☀️ 🌴laughter is the best medicine.
#autumncalabrese #teamac #laugh #vacation #fun

DawnyJfab&fit (@dawnyjfabfit)

My booty workout this morning was fun....I turned on some Brandy & danced my way through the workout. Sometimes all you need is some good music 📻🎶& your workout will fly by...
This workout is on my list of favorites😍
#80DAYOBSESSION #autumncalabrese #strongwomenlifteachotherup #fitnessaddict #fitmom #heathyfitlife #healthylifestyle #strongwomen
I don't own the rights to the music...

McCleod (@mccleodn)

PHASE ONE IS DONE OMG. Phew!!! Thanks to Autumn and her evil resistance loops, sliders, and a healthier eating plan, I’m down 12lbs and a good few inches off the waist! Sooo excited and scared for phase two to start on Monday!! Bring it!! #80dayobsession #autumncalabrese #wonderwomangoals #gettingfit #vacabod

Joe B (@joe_energy_in_motion)

Well damn! I am super proud of myself today! I nailed them half surrenders. What a major accomplishment for me. I love Booty Day! Day 62 has been crushed! #80dayobsession #fit4life #autumncalabrese

Cassie (@brewercj91)

I can't get over how my body has changed in the last 2 months! These where the first workout pants I started in and they were tight on me.
Now they are so loose!! Don't get me wrong, I still have a lot of work to do to get rid of all the baby fat. But to see how these pants fit me now compared to 2 months ago... I'm just floored!
When I see myself every single day it's hard to notice the whole difference in my body. But to put these pants on after so long and see the difference, it's just so motivating to me to keep going!
And anybody can do this. All you need is some motivation, support and accountability. This is what my challenge group starting April 2nd is going to give people.
Everybody has the ability to have an amazing transformation and to feel amazing about themselves, while having fun doing it.

If you're interested in getting fit, eating right, having support and accountability, send me a message. Because I want to give everybody what I've been given to successfully get through my fitness journey.
#fitnessgoals #transformingmybodyandmind #gettingfit #lovingmyself #beachbody #carldaikeler #autumncalabrese I love you!

Alyson Walker (@alysonrwalker)

Last night, as I started getting around for bed, I glimpsed myself in the mirror. For the first time in a long time, my initial reaction was “Girl, look at you!” with a smile. I took a quick selfie simply because I liked how I looked.
Who am I?? The Alyson I’ve been most of my life might have thought the same statement, but with an incredibly different tone. But yesterday I saw my tired eyes, hair thrown up, only-make-up-remnants-left, and t-shirt....and responded with a compliment instead of an insult.
If that isn’t proof of progress and transformation, I’m not sure what is. The road to healing is winding & long & bumpy & mostly dark. It’s nice when a ray of sunlight makes its way down, though.
#recoveryisworthit #recoverywin #traumasurvivor #80dayobsession #autumncalabrese