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Melting my face. 🌋(April 2017)

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@Regranned from @chelseakauai - Four hours into our drive from Tokyo I saw a small blue sign that said “waterfall 2km”. We were already late, it wasn’t on the itinerary, so many reasons not to..but somehow all of us decided to convince our driver to turn the bus around. Down the trail.. this is what we found. Spontaneity speaks in whispers, or in road signs - I’ll happily listen to either😊🇯🇵. Here’s @thathaolechick and @jaymgreiner walking towards one of the most beautiful waterfalls I’ve ever seen!! You might not be able to see it, but there are little ducks in the pond and another huuuuge waterfall on the other side of this mountain. Ugh. Japan, I see you💛💛 @keen #Keenambassador #Japan -

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The next few snaps you’ll see are windows into the provincial life. This is the rice paddy just outside my house in the Philippines as the sun sets. A relaxing site from the porch ☺️