Stuart Lidgbird (@stuartlidgbird)

Perks of waiting around for your diamonds to be set is that you get to chill with PEGGEH, AKA Peggy but she's from Leicester. #doggy #workaintsobad #awesomedog

TAZ BONECRUSHER (@taz_schnauzer)

Can you straighten out my bowtie, it needs to be perfect. Bowties are in yo I’m on point!! Can you call for the car YES the car I’m not driving. No sneakers mom πŸ‘ πŸ‘  it’s a very nice joint. Do me a favor please don’t tell anyone I have to sit under the table ok!!! Ok maybe I had one to many puppacinos. One day us dogs 🐢 will be able to sit with our family....just sayin #taz #2020