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Not sexy, not flashy, but effective, efficient, and necessary. Mastery of these 4 movements is what will make you a stronger, fitter, more able bodied human.
Starting with just your body weight, increasing the load. Pattern- Practice, then do it some more. .
This was one of the very first lessons my mentor taught me when I embarked on the coaching journey almost a decade ago, and I’m still using it. Every time I put a new client through an assessment. Every time I write a new program. Everything I do boils down to these 4 things (yes there are MANY other considerations but that is not the point of this post)
I think often people are intimidated by “fitness” but the reality is we’ve allowed it to become over complicated when it doesn’t have to be.
Pattern-Practice-Repeat. Not sure how to do these things? Let’s chat.

Later Awesome humans!

i Read, You Ask | Nick Caras (@ireadyouask)

You Are A Badass
How To Stop Doubting Your Greatness And Start Living An Awesome Life
By: Jen Sincero @jensincero
This book gets a five out of five. It's extremely difficult to find a book that is the only one you need to read in its category. Most books just aren't all-encompassing, so you need to read multiple to get the whole picture, not this book. There are so many self-help books out there, but you don't need to search any longer, this is the one for you. Jen covers all of the essential areas that you would expect in a self-help book and does so with brilliance. She makes it personal, gives you all the information you need without boring you, and she makes you laugh along the way. It is incredible how much Jen covers in such a short book. If you are ready to start living the dream but are not sure where to start let Jen help you out.

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Friends are your greatest gift. #friends

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Always fun meeting fans! Great meeting Cole! And it feels awesome to change people's lives for the better! She is getting her credit fixed for the new year! If you need help reach out to me. #creditrestoration #creditrepair #creditrepairking #credit #awesomelife

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Taking a little extra care of myself today & honestly all month. As a momma, self care has often been a struggle to get within 10 feet of the priority list. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Know what I mean? Little by little that is changing because I decided it was time.
☕️ It’s little things like a cup of hot tea or telling the kids it’s time for momma to do yoga and everything else will wait. 🏖️ It’s a relaxing beach vacation with the stud muffin 💛 It’s using kind words when I speak to myself. This is a work in progress but it IS progress.
🔮It is exploring things that peak my interest. 🍄 It is wearing my comfy yoga pants & my Paw Buddy’s old pearl snap .
In the past, I viewed self care as taking away from my family because I wasn’t giving them every ounce of my energy. ⚡️ Now I realize that by taking care of my self, I am giving myself and my family the best version of myself. .
Totally a work in progress... but I’m happier and so are my #threelittlebirds #selfcare #momlife

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This quote made me think of you @jdwsrd. Once again, I admire your courage and tenacity. The badass is you 😚
Quote from the book "You are a badass" from @jensincero @runninpressbooks Edition
#badass #kickass #awesomeness #awesomelife #empowerment

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This is what happens when dad(also my best friend) take a picture of mine
if u see close enough