Scott Lemoine (@scottanthony4)

Darkness consumes
and controls you with blindness.. confined to soltude the madness of this evil place insites a riot of seemly never ending misery.
It's a war many of us fight everyday within ourselves. The constant battle between darkness and light. - Scott A Lemoine

I have lived in the darkness and buryed everything inside to hide from the light for a long time . Love is the only thing that kept me from being lost in the darkness forever. Love is what binds us and keeps us from losing hope. God will forever have everlasting love for us all. God works through people, I can't thank God enough for pulling me out of the darkness and back into the light and for putting such wonderful, loving people in my life. Just remember you will always be loved and you are not alone bc all darkness is is the absence of light. We are all walking this jounery of life together, it's our decisions that lead us astray. #love #awesomeness #sunset #fireinthesky #Godisawesome #nature #poetry #itsthesimplethings #lifeistoshorttohate #goodandevil #light #darkness