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Some hype pics from the phenomenal West Virginia trip this weekend! Thanks @susa_larson @mickelangelo_ @diesel_zweier @the_official_ryan_quinn for providing the phenomenal weekend and for the incredible pics! Shoutout to Dalton for us having our terrible ideas and continuing to encourage eachother to go through with them! Shoutout to mick for the driving and not leaving us behind and for doing awesome with everything! Shoutout to Ryan for going along with our terrible ideas #crossingwater and ja! It was phenomenal! #westvirginia #photography #parkour #awesomepics

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#Iceland I can't wait to see you!
My love of travel, nature and photography draws me to Iceland. I'm so excited, I'll be there in 3 months time to explore the land of fire and ice and make memories.
#wanderlust #fireandice #reykjavik #northernlights #bluelagoon #travel #travellovers #travelawesome #takemethere #nature #travelphotography #awesomepics #mothernature #goldencircle

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The Queens of the Stone Age are in the city

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Ponte Isabella
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