Tina Williams (@tees_world7)

Beautiful performance!! Cirque du Soleil Mystere was wonderful! #cirquedusoleil #awesomeshow #womdetfulchoreograpjy

Rodney Newman (@rdnynwmn)

David Bazan at The Bootleg - 4/6/17

heidialexandria (@heidialexandria)

Seeing a Sabrina Blaze show tonight she's fantastic!! #dragqueen #awesomeshow

KT (@stargirlz007)

Great way to end out Coachella Week!!!
#the1975 #awesomeshow #plesantlysurprised

Dylan (@dylankcurtis)

"Water World" show in the Universal Studio was awesome! The cast are stunt actors. They do incredible things on the live show! We had a chance to meet a cast member Alex Smith from the show. We found out we both worked on the Netflix show "13 Reasons Why" last year. Small world! Amanda and I were reunited with @chinaraven79 who played our mom on the show when we worked on an Indian film the other day and I also saw @briandarcyjames who I met in New York last year when I was on the set. He is an great actor who can play both serious and funny characters both on stage and in films. It is one of my goals as an actor. I wish I could be a great actor like him one day. I don't think I could ever do the stunt work Alex and the casts of the Water World do on the show, though. I'll be too scared to do that. They are so brave! I truly enjoy meeting these wonderful actors. They are inspiring and also very nice in person and I appreciate it very much. Thank you! I hope to see you and work on the same show one day again, Alex! I definitely will go back to see "Water World" the next time I'm in the Universal Studio! #waterworld #waterworldshow #universalstudio #firstvisit #alexsmith #greatstunt #actions #awesomeshow #13reasonswhy #netflixshow #actors #kidactors #stuntman #extras #smallworld #hopetoseeyouagain with @stuntsmith @amandamcurtis