Nursery Art (@jo_collier_designs)

All orders have not been sent now to finish packing. Heard it snowed last week. Exciting. Amazing styling by the talented @littlewildoak


Sometimes I can feel lost in a good sale. West Elm ftw, am I right?! #yourbasicbear

Hannah's Pets (@hannahspets)

Throwback to that time my cat brought me this sweet little bun💜 I called him Georgie🐰

Cat Stack (@catstackco)

Adopt! Don't shop! Adopting a cat is comparatively less expensive than purchasing a cat from a pet store. Typically, the cost of adoption ranges from $50 to $150 but buying from the pet store can cost between $500 and $12, 000 depending on the breed and colour of the cat.

Choose to save a cat and #adoptdontshop

Daisy-Terrier & Cleo-Elkhound (@daisy_and_cleo)

Long haired human put this together for #tbt . It's all three of the roommates Wilson, daisy, and Cleo (humans not pictured)! #babyanimals #dogsofinsta #hedgehogsofinstagram #housemates #ohanameansfamily

Bush baby boy (@baby.nilla)

I love seeing raisin bran sing a solo at my school's concert
#cute #cuteanimal #cuties #bush #bushbaby #bushbabys #babyanimal #babyanimals #adorable #smol #small

Amandeep Lallie (@a_lallie)

When you're just too tired to elephant so you decide to take a nap in middle of the road 😄🐘💤 .
Look at how this baby's beautiful family stop him from inconveniencing the people in the cars by gently guiding him off the road. Elephants are kind, social, gentle giants. The way we treat them is unforgivable #SaveElephants #WorthMoreAlive 💕 .
Caption @a_lallie
Video #Repost @thealphafemale_