OllieandShian (@_mom_2_boys_)

@_loveablemonkeys_ are back in business go check them out 🙌🏻

Jessica | 👸🏻 | Nottingham (@jradmall___)

All ready for playgroup this morning ☺️ #shopsmall

OllieandShian (@_mom_2_boys_)

This cheeky little do it all bib from @speckled.frog.uk xxx

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Oh Wilbur you are too cute not to share 💙💙

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My mother inlaw is babysitting evi today, she just got back from marroco, and bought these super cool sneakers @zara for evi! They are so cool! #babyspam #babyshoes #zara #morroco #motherinlaw #gift #evilouise #instababy #instafashion

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I can't surf like daddy yet but I can sure give lifeguard quality kisses and hugs. Ladies holla at me!

What a crazy 4 weeks.. mama is still learning all your many faces. #themanyfacesofme #HuonBlake #chubbycheeks #4weeksold #babybaumgartner #futureladykiller #lifeguardorprosurferoryogini #lovehim #babyspam #sorrynotsorry #becomingthatparent #whatever

Ashleigh Ann MacDonald (@ashleighannmacdonald)

It's hard to believe that today was Mckenzie's first ACTUAL filming today when she was in my belly for 9 of them last year! So many special memories with my princess ❤️

Jess Wheller (@thattwinmama)

Stay-at-home mamas, you are amazing. Obviously this was me until recently, and yes I am giving my former self massive props for that 😛I have now entered the world of trying to balance work and being a twin mama, which is also challenging. But being a full-time mother day in, day out is something totally different. Part of that is because it's clearly physically exhausting. Between entertaining bubs and keeping them happy (feeding, playing, parks, libraries, playcentres, play dates, developmental activities that you do because you feel you should but you actually despise 😏) and then cooking, cleaning, washing (OMG, the washing 😱), and running a household in general, I'm pretty sure I barely sit down most days I'm at home.
The other part is because you are giving all of yourself to your child all day long. Your world is about them, and mama's needs take a back seat. Actually it's more like mama's needs are trailing along behind the car hanging by a thread. Your mind is constantly focused on what your bub needs and wants and what is best for them - never what is best for you.
As a mama, I believe it's built into us to do this. No one ever told me any of this, I just instinctively did it because the second my babies arrived in the world nothing else mattered anymore. I WANT to do this. My reason for living is them and my family and I'm completely comfortable with that. We put the tough moments and the bad days behind us and focus on what's next because of the overwhelming, brilliant, magnificent LOVE we feel and the JOY these perfect little people bring to our lives.
So, stay-at-home mamas, NEVER underestimate how important you are. Your job is far harder than any other and worth so much more. And as I said, you are truly amazing - don't ever forget it ❤️
[BTW, we didn't even make Smithy jump in the photo. He did this of his own accord, such a cutie 😍]