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Beautiful view - Sri Lanka

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Would you believe me if I told you I spent over four hours in this place 🕵🏻‍♂️

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@worldwidenate “Shark Week” off the cooast of Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa

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Whenever a NEGATIVE EMOTION comes out of nowhere and rushes around your mind or body 🙇
Starting with CHANGING your THOUGHTS 💭
Divert your attention away from the negativity by looking in a different direction until you find something that makes you smile 🙂
Then focus on the new, positive emotions about what you’re seeing, thinking, and experiencing ✌️
It’s not enough to just think about something good…carry it through until you feel the positive emotions that back it up 🙏
It’s not typically the negative thought itself that brings you down, rather, it’s the negative emotion you feel as a result 👌
Let Go. Be Free.
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Happy hour - St Maarten

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14km around #cuicocha crater lake in northern Ecuador 🇪🇨Unfortunately you can't see the lake from this part, only the beautiful view of Imbabura mountain

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"The architects of El Tajin were very skilled, using advances such as cornices, niches, cement and plaster to make their buildings, which were brightly, dramatically painted to great effect. Their skill is also evident in the simple fact that so many of their buildings have survived to the present day, although the archaeologists who restored the magnificent palaces and temples surely helped.

Unfortunately for those who study the City of Storms, relatively few records remain of the people who lived there. There are no books and no direct accounts by anyone who ever had direct contact with them. Unlike the Maya, who were fond of carving glyphs with names, dates and information into their stone artwork, the artists of El Tajin rarely did so.

This lack of information makes the architecture that much more important: it is the best source of information about this lost culture." - Christopher Minister

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Sadhus in Hinduism are wandering holy men or monks revered for being good. Many Sadhus are also Yogis who are practitioners of meditation. They have chosen a life away from or at least on the edges of normal society to focus on their own spiritual practice#travel#travelblogger#travelphotography#travelgram#backpacker#backpacking#backpackerstory#backpackerlife#photography#photographer#society#religion#portrait#portraitphotography#portraitoftheday#portraitsociety#nepal

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Whitish: Kalemegdan
#Belgrade #Serbia

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