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Meifoong 🖤; 谢美凤 ღ (@thgalishere)

In a blink of eye, ended my SOLO trip. 😌 🙌🏻
Is definitely a 👍🏻 experience travelling alone as I need to take good care of myself. And was glad to meet new friends from everything! Ofcourse, also conquering all those foodies all by myself. Plus also getting promo items such as 1 for 1 & people start staring bc I finished them. 😜

My adventure was indeed fun + awesome! I mean since is a SOLO trip + YOLO so why not try everything! 😏

First was conquering 🐘 Mountain after plan changed bc Yangmingshan had nothing to see due to the weather. Proud of myself as I’ve climbed 48 floors and is worthy going all the way up for beautiful scenery changing from day to night.
Second was chasing for sunsets. Since to Taiwan, why would I want to miss sunrise/sunsets? But sunrise would be out of qn bc I know I wouldn’t make it so let sunsets do the job. The sunsets was stunning! 😍 Is worth the staring of others bc was running + chasing for it. (luckily I’m not alone)

Third was riding 🛵 on the road w real vehicles! Yes, real 🚘 + 🛵 passing thru me. But is worthy as I get to see the awesome waterfall at 十分. 😌 And have to thank a kind soul Aunty for waking me up while I was napping on the train to 瑞芳 via 台铁. (sleeping wherever I go🤦🏻‍♀️) 😰

Fourth was playing VR GO (Evil Hospital) for the first time. Actually wasn’t that scary but just exp for 9 mins.
Fifth was to watch movie bc I always wish to experience that in other country and I did! But actually not much diff from s’pore.
Lastly was to visit a cafe. Bc my Friend tagged me in fb for matcha lava cake that’s recently quite popular so went to try. It was a matchaholic meal and is comforting to have it on a rainy day. 😌

Most epic thing that happened was a change in my flight so there was a extension of another night in 🇹🇼 and due to that, I got to enjoy the most awesome weather of 17 degree! 😉 + more foodies to enjoy! 😋

And most importantly, i survived! 🤪🤪🤪 Coming to the end, thanks 🇹🇼 for such wonderful + awesome memories (thankyou for not raining while I conquered those places). ☺️ && definitely, till next time! :’)