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Annoying weather problems!? Play indoors #ballislife

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He got me right back .. battle every week .. works me #ballislife

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Good workout with young juju. #hlt

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Big shout out to Louis MacPherson who was wearing his fresh new RBL 20yr anniversary shirt today as well as his new RBL socks. Louis has been in our program for 4 years now and he has a true passion for the game. He works hard, has a great skill set and is an overall great kid. H
We are happy to have him representing our brand! #RBL #Basketball #VancouverYouthBasketball #BallIsLife #VancouverBasketball #FridayNightHoops #RBLswag #20yrAnniversaryShirt #NewRBLsocks #LouisMacPherson


Speed crosses with options.

Although I prefer push crosses in the open court, the speed cross is an alternative that should be apart of everyone's game. In the initial clip, its slowed down to show the double tap of the opposite foot from the ball. As the second tap hits, weight is shifted towards the lead food and the weight shifts through to the opposite side. A level change at the hips and shoulders will allow for an easy hand to hand exchange. It's important to push the ball outside the knee on the beginning of the cross to sell pocket and drive, but also on the back end to avoid the pick pocket.

For the options, you've got the 1-2 pull up. At full speed, this can be tough to regain your balance. That should be one of the primary focal points in taking any shot. A strong drive with the same side finish (right/right) is the next option.
The same side stop is used after the big cross of the defender is able to shift and regain position between man and the basket.
The behind the back gather is an option that can be seen as flashy, but has instances where it's a great option. The footwork emulates the DWade Windmill crossover finish.
The last option is an extended in and out to fade. Note the extended steps in the slowed down portion, while the 1-2 takes place as the ball becomes collected between the 2 hands. -------------------------
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#TB to when Kobe hit three straight threes against the Raptors! 😳🏀