Frosted Face Mos, San Diego (@frostedface_mos)

Haven't been active much on social media, heart is heavy from all the destruction in Mexico, my homeland πŸ™This brought a smile to my face. "Ximenita is 6 years old, she fell asleep at 6 am just to finish the drawings for her donations. We want Mexico and the next generation to be like this with all that love for living beings" 🐢

Golden Retriever Zoe πŸŽ€ (@moinzoe)

"Geh nicht in die Schlamm-PfΓΌtze" haben sie gesagt. "Du wirst dreckig" haben sie gesagt. Aber hey, ich bin ein Baby. Ich muss ja noch nicht alles verstehen... πŸ˜œπŸ˜‚

Shadow the Golden Retriever (@shadowpooch)

I may be old, but I am still AGILE when food is involved (Excuse the crazy eyes, I just get so excited πŸ˜…)

Finnish Lapphund 🐻 Midas (@thehappylappie)

Things change 😞
My favourites game was to be draggeds around the floor by dad.. Now bos ruins all my fun πŸ™„

tofu_theveganweiner (@tofu_theveganweiner)

β€’ brows like George Bush. But I'm better looking.... right?πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€’

Marco By Meister & Pooch (@meisterandpooch)

The puppy eyes they give when you leave for work 😒

🌈 Rudi 🎈 (@rudilicious_pawsome)

Swim your worries away.

Remy (@that_doodle_life)

Somebody went a little hard this weekend...

🐺Brodie & Cooper 🦊 (@the.smiley.poms)

Roadtrip Naps! Hahaha! 🐾

MessrsBradPitt (@messrsbradpitt)

Totally split between listening to Mamma or keeping an eye on the Amazon pantry deliveries on this #muttbuttmonday
What would you guys do???
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