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Raise your paw if your excited that it's the weekend!!πŸ™‹πŸΌ

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Got a Great Dane bath today at the park. Mom says yuck. Whatever, I was just having fun. #dogsofinstgram #basenji #basenjisofinstagram #slobberdog

Rachel (@phoenixgirrl)

Tonight's #Marblehead walk with Toffee was planned to be around Redd's Pond to see the ducks. Sadly there were no ducks, and we realized that we couldn't take a dog through Old Burial Hill, so we went half-way around twice. Still, I got some pictures and she enjoyed herself, so it's all good. #swiperight #nofilter .
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Scout (@scoutthebasenji)

AMEN. πŸ™ŒπŸΌ ##Repost @thegooddogtraining (@get_repost)
A special request to you... In light of the pure positive/force-free silliness being shouted about certain tools and approaches ruining dogs, creating more fear, shutting them down etc., as well as the most common lie, that punishing a behavior only makes it worse, or creates the dreaded "ticking time-bomb", I'd like to make a request. I'd like to request that anyone who believes in a balanced training approach, and anyone who believes that owners and trainers should be able to use the tools that best serve them and dogs, to please share this video. It's up to us to do our part to counter the mounting momentum and propaganda that is engulfing much of the training world. If we want owners and trainers and shelters and rescues to have better options, we have to show the truth. We have to help educate. We have to stand up and call untruths exactly what they are...lies. Lies that are harming dogs and owners at monumental levels. And we have to be willing to take the inevitable heat that comes with it.
If we stand by and allow bullies with personal agendas, propping themselves up with "science" (science has 4 quadrants, not 2), sharing cherry-picked, bogus "studies" (examine the studies and you'll see all the cracks) to scare the world into submission, our inaction will be a crucial piece of their success.
Lies only succeed if they're allowed to. Let's call this silliness out and see it for what it is. The sooner we do, the less suffering will occur.
P.S. If you'd rather share your own video, please do. This isn't for me, this is a mission. Also, don't engage with or argue with anyone about the topic. You'll get nowhere and waste your time and mental energy. Simply share and let the video(s) do the talking. People are smart. Given enough evidence, they'll see what's true and what's not, what actually works and what doesn't. And they'll also see that a whole lot of people have been lying to them...for a long time.

Vegas (@vegasthebasenji)

HuMom took me on a 5k walk and I was so pooped out afterwards. I fell asleep in HuDad's arms looking like a fool. #vegasthebasenji #basenjisofinstagram #likeababy