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It’s #selfcaresunday! Teaching children “care of self” activities promotes independence and helps them develop a sense of autonomy. Hair combing/brushing is a great place to start.

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Black walnut bath trays! Check out my shop if you want one, they make great Christmas gifts! #isellonetsy #cyberweek #christmasgifts #bathtime #wineoclock

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At 18 months old, tonight was the first time ever that Emmett actually sat in the bath with his brothers and played with no sign of fear. He’s been petrified of the bathtub since birth and would absolutely refuse to get in without shaking and hysterically screaming. I’ve never seen anything like it! Joe and I have always just held him in the shower with one of us in order to soothe him through the process, but even then, he would tense up and was never fully at ease. Then, over the last couple of weeks, he started showing interest in the tub and would occasionally get in with his brothers, but it was only to stand cautiously with one hand on the ledge. Tonight, however, as soon as he heard the word “bath,” he ran towards the tub and raised his arms for me to undress him. He got in, smiled, and actually SAT the entire time...happily!! 🙌🏼 It was a small victory in his beautiful little life that I just had to document. ❤️❤️❤️ #babysteps #todaywastheday #itsthelittlethings #barberbrudders

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What better way to spend soul Sunday than with a hot bath & words of wisdom ✨
Inside every @sajewellness bath drop is a small piece of paper that floats to the surface, providing your spirit with words of love and inspiration.
As if I needed another reason to love on all things Saje 💕

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Got too excited, tripped and took a little spill in the muddy creek today #dogpark #dogparkdays #howembarrassing #bathtime #saygouda #goudagirl

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It's still Halloween guys 😈


Sundays are for bath bombs ❤️🛀🏽