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#sundayfunday with my new little family, I love my wifey @_sierra_lynn and the wild child will always be my #1️⃣ broski #familytime #beabetterman

Phan Tú (@ptu_17)

Ai mà biết trước được ngày mai rồi sẽ có những gì xảy ra #young #fuck #thug #crazy #life #beabetterman

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在信義誠品、敦南誠品、台中勤美誠品的THE POINT POST櫃位獨家販售

#URBANER #奧本電剪 #BeABetterMan @pointpost

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I learn from mistake. If i wrong,remind me !
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Mike Rubin (@streetbike_mike_)

😳 Focus on your own shit, Worrying about what others are doing isn’t going to get you where you want to be.

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Jace Kha (@jkha57)

Most of the time I dress for myself but occasionally I dress up for you. ☝️ #otd #tgif #fittingroomselfie

Christopher M Young (@gentlemansquest)

You are not impressing a woman by being a ladies man. You are only subjecting her to feelings of distrust and hesitance. Instead, be a lady's man. A man that only wants to be with one woman, and when he is with that woman, all other women no longer matter, for the woman that chose him is the one that he spends his time and energy to feel attractive, loved, and secure. #beabetterman #relationshipgoals #gentlemanrules #mantalk #relationshipadvice #manadvice #gentlemanquotes #realtalk #dontbeajerk

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Trying to stay charged up. Keep working hard fam. You will get where you need to be. #beabetterman #WorldClassJoe #havefun #goodmorning

notyourtypenotmyproblem (@thicktrelle)

Things that Ive done to piss off men. ----Getting mad if they #flake and letting them know what i think of flaking. (Flaking is either a sign they lack enough structure and maturity to be responsible or they were with someone else they prefer more. He should and atleast text Im not coming, cause thats called adulting.)
----Getting mad if they give lots of #silence. A term called breadcrumbing comes to mind. He's telling you he lost interest. If you matter he'll keep in regular contact. ----Getting mad that Im nagging about not being included enough in their life. Its simple. If you matter then they'll bring you into their life doing ordinary things and NOT call you just a friend to his friends. ---- Calling them out on how I see it and how things could be interpreted. You know I really look forward to not having to ask for good treatment. Of course i piss off men. Cause i dont put up with shit anytime or anywhere. I havent been in a position to really trust anyone in over 8 yrs because out of hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of offers, I have been approached with, not one was an honest man. Not really. If you want me to believe your honest then dont do things so blatantly stupid to move my distrust. I know honest men. Their family. My brothers. Some are long term friends from way back. I know they exist just not in the last 8 yrs. Im 100 percent honest and thats my expectation. Ill even let people see my journal which is terrible. Cause i dont have jack to hide. Secrets hurt people. Ive been right every time. I was side bitched. Next guy that enters my life if i do let them in will do everything i do to show honesty. People can look at my phone. I have nothing to hide. Because i dont cheat.

keith (@imkyim)

things happen for a reason.

DC Lovell (@dc_lovell34)

First time Snatching in a little over 3 months, and boy was it a hell of a way to knock the rust off. Working sets at 90%. This was the first rep of my last set of Triples. Felt good to be able to work at my true 90% after so much time off. 77kg felt pretty good so I’m optimistic about being back to training full time. Here’s to forward progress and becoming a better human. Keep grinding everyone, and remember that Progress, No Matter How Slight, Is Still Progress! #slatonkinesiology #olympicweightlifting #snatchysnatch #beabetterman #bealion #bettereveryday #fightforprogress @niketraining @rocktape @roguefitness @virusintl @combatironapparel @slatonkinesiology @usa_weightlifting