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Beach nap in the wagon. Dreaming of mermaids I am sure. #beachdays #beachbaby #momof4

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Our Vagabond Baby is One!

Mother Of Malcontent (@mermaidmomandbarnaclebaby)

Back when his hair used to be red 😭😭😭, we made a blanket fort at the beach #beachbaby #toomuchsun #ainthecute

Gina | Travel & WAHM Lifestyle (@onedayinacity)

I mentioned in my last post that Lulu was scared of snakes when we were in Joshua Tree National Park. Well, I've also been a bit worried about her ever increasing fear of sharks 🦈 and that it might hinder our little water lover from enjoying time in the ocean when we are in Hawaii later this winter. -
Unlike the snake fear which was solely on Tom and me (oops) the shark fear I blame on the Little Mermaid movie! πŸ§œβ€β™€οΈ I've been explaining to her for several months now that sharks are actually important to the ocean and don't want to hurt people and that they aren't scary. Mommy and daddy have gone swimming with them, I tell her. I even showed her a video I took of a shark while scuba diving. She did not look convinced. -
But, the other night she told my husband she wants to swim with baby sharks when we are in Hawaii so maybe it’s working! Tom told her we probably wouldn't see any baby sharks (um, I certainly hope not where we will be! Sharks while scuba diving? Cool. πŸ‘ In 2-foot deep water by the shore. Uh, NO 😱), but we would probably see some baby fish. 🐠 She seemed quite satisfied with that and then asked if they would be hiding (she is very into hide and seek lately). πŸ˜† I love the stuff kids come up with! -
❓Any tips to combat a fear of sharks in a three year old if it does occur on our vacation? ❓ I grew up with a fear of sharks and don't want to her to have one, too!
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We don't get much of this here on the beach but did you know how great grass is? #beachbaby #whatisthis #werolledaroundforanhour

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These blue sky beach days will be etched in the fabric of our memories to infinity and beyond. πŸ’™ #avalonandriggins

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My earliest recollections of music were nursery rhymes, Elvis Presley and Tom Petty. My folks and I often would vacation in Florida and southern Alabama. I spent many days lazily sun soaking on a blanket, reading my books and listening to Tom. And, now I can share that with Iris. Tom will always be apart of our lives. β€οΈβ˜€οΈπŸŒŠπŸŽΆ

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TAKE ME HERE ❀️ ... in fact I’d go anywhere with you . #dreamy #sunset #beach #beachbaby

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Loving the beach life! I am so glad we ended up in Florida. We didn’t plan on it - but like most things in life, it always seems to work out for the best!

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Maybe our dreams are like sandcastles.
The fun is in the making of them, not in their permanence.
#buildsandcastles #beachfun #beachbaby #goawithkids🀣 #slowlife #workisplay