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To make time fly, throw your watch out the window but all that aside, In my next life I'm coming back with money and looks instead of this sparkling personality bullshit. #beardgame #beardedman #beardsofinstagram #beardgang

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They see me rollin

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Hayallerim yok benim. Hayırlısı olsun dediğim gün hepsinden vazgeçtim.Tıp ne kadar ilerlerse ilerlesin ar damarındaki çatlağı tedavi edemez. @icirenlerutansin #beardedmen #regensburgarcaden #sowiedergroßebruder #parlament 🚬

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We feel it too, but don't worry, there are things to be excited for. In six weeks, Bearded Manor returns.

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"When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you."
Winston S. Churchill

⚜️ғяεηcн cнαρтεя⚜️
#BVFR 👊🎩🔪🍻🇫🇷⚔️⚜️ ⚔️
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UNIVERSAL BEARD (@universalbeard)

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Before and after I tame the mane. People always ask how long it takes me and I tell them no more than 2-3min. It's really not much effort. Get a thumbnail amount of beardbalm and spread it evenly on top and below the beard and then brush it. Then I like to bring it all to a "ponytail" in the beard and then let go and it keeps the shape I like. Them a small amount of stiff stash wax applied to thumb and pointer finger. Run down stash, comb it, then shape it and presto. Also it REALLY don't cost that much. People always expect me to pay $100+ a month which is crazy. I use @universalbeard products and they are crazy good. Can't go wrong with Canadian either 🤘💪 today I used my favourite scent, tigertiger ice cream lol #beard #beardgame #beardmuscles #mensgrooming #barber #moustache #beardbalm #beforeandafter #universalbeard