Leanne Kelly-Williams (@le_annek80)

This is where he wants to stay cwtched on the sofa with the dog #babyboy #beau #dorkie #love #cwtch #cuddles #sofa #blanket #warm #snuggles

Anna Marie Beauty (@annasinspo_)

For the past few weeks, I have been testing out the Makeup Revolution matte liquid lip kit in the shade Reign 🎀I am totally in love with the colour as well as the initial application. It applies so beautifully creamy and opaque 👄 The liner and the lipstick match perfectly as you can see from the swatches ✔️ The only downfall I found was the liquid lipstick would dry down but would remain sticky, I often find my top and bottom lip stick together quite a bit and also once the product has fully mattified it becomes quite crumbly on the centre of the lip! 😩 But TOP TIP!! You can use any lip balm over top and it will keep the product on you lips and stop it from reaching the sticky stage and from crumbling away! My go to lip balm is the Forever Living Aloe Lips with jojoba oil 💖

Life Is_Famous (@life_is_famous)

Apres mon #beausapin ! Mon #beau #jardin ! Quel #bonheur ce #beau temps ! Apprécier son chez soi, profiter du jardin...