Audrey Smith (@audgepodgee)

β€œwhy would you ever use a stick again?β€πŸ”οΈπŸ’₯

Will Trostel (@willtrostel)

Dropped my entire online store to 50% off for the day. Use code β€œSUNDAYFLASH” at checkout. Ends at midnight.

Mattéa ✈️🌏 (@missionmagic)

πŸ“ENGLAND, Wiltshire β›ͺ️'the doors will open to those brave enough to knock' πŸšͺ I l love this quote, I need to put it into practice more! The beautiful Salisbury Cathedral blew me away today. The buildings foundations date back to 1220 and it's classed as one the UKs most iconic cathedrals.

Lorraine Ciccarelli (@lorraineciccarelli)

Somewhere between #Paris and #Rome I lost my self while staring out the window of the train in awe of the world we sped by.
I can’t wait to actually spend more time wandering aimlessly through unfamiliar ground. #rainydazeineurope

Sony | Alpha (@sonyalpha)

πŸ“Έ: @spacebypixel "One morning my girlfriend and I decided on a whim to head to the beach. Luckily, I had brought my a6000 because it was the best sunrise I have ever seen in my life. Moments like these that few people see often is the reason why I love photography, it's a time capsule." | a6000 | ISO 100 | f4 | 10 sec | #AlphaCollective

πŸ“·by Dave Randin #OnePhotoDaily (@one_photo_daily)

Went out to Franklin Falls for a quick morning hike with a few friends. We got lucky with the weather and the falls did not disappoint. They were looking nice and snowy and gave a boost of inspiration. I look forward to going out again and capturing some more great photos! .

pholburn (@pholburn)

Winter sunsets still make me happy despite their early appearances.
πŸ‘ŒπŸΌHappy Sunday!