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Ashley Adams (@fawnedphoto)

Um hello stinkin gorgeous humans. They're getting married in a month!
Some reflections over the weekend: I love this business because I am constantly being reminded that love exists. Yes of course I experience that love when I see my husband on the daily. But there's something special about witnessing the love between two other humans. Especially during such a chaotic yet fulfilling time like wedding planning. When you can tell the grooms are hesitant about "posing for photos" yet, kiss, hug, grab, and dance with their women without digging their heels in anyway, you witness that love. Why? Oh not because they LOVE taking pictures (well some do), oh no, but because they love their future wives. They love their relationship. They want to grow and nurture it. And sometimes that means doing something you don't necessarily want to do- all in the name of love.

Colleen Thomas (@colcolada)

Maxwell and me at the pool in LA!!!